Flying the Hello Kitty skies (photo)


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  1. nyrge says:

    Gods preserve us. No kitty should have that many eyes.

  2. The Hello Kitty lounge at the Taipei airport is paradise for Sanrio fans and one of the few places you can lie down without being asked to sit up by airport staff.

  3. MooseDesign says:

    I really badly want the art repositioned so that the eyes line up with the windows so that when folks open and close their shades it changes teh Kitty’s disposition!

  4. Clemmer says:

     I recently snapped a few pics of her while flying out of Narita just less than 2 weeks ago:

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Looking at the front of that plane, I find myself singing, ♫ I’ve been through the desert on a cat with no mouth.

  5. Steve Hoefer says:

    I accidentally took this flight once.  
    Here’s a photo of the in-flight food.  Notice the Kitty-shaped fish cake.

    (I think I kept the single serving of Kitty salt and pepper)

  6. i had a layover at narita last week on my way to okpo and that’s the first thing that greeted me!

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