Stanley Krippner, parapsychologist even James Randi likes


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  1. jody says:

    Seemingly a man of some zen.

  2. marilove says:

    So this is what happens when a motivated, Type-A genius eats mushrooms at a Grateful Dead concert.

  3. aburke2435 says:

    He does seem to be the right person to do such tests, though I still do not believe in such things.

  4. bloopeeriod says:

     Phenomenon may exist independent of my belief: they don’t need me. Here is a man who embodies what so many fail to grasp is fundamental  to pure scientific inquiry; dispassion. To seek and then to discover truth is the goal. Here, even Einstein failed when he came upon the Quantum phenomenon of entanglement, calling it “spooky action at a distance”.

    • townandgownie says:

       But phenomenon cannot exist independent of repeatable observations. No para-psychological phenomenon can be independently and scientifically repeated. Einstein may not have been able to grasp “spooky action” but it was and is repeatable and examinable. And although not understood at a level that other science might be, it is being studied rigorously and openly.

      No quantum physicist was every caught saying – “Sorry, this behavior doesn’t work in presence of UN-believers”.

      Anybody that is still working on ESP, ghosts, remote viewing, telekinesis or other woo-woo is not to be respected. That boat sailed in the 60′s.

      • jmturner says:

         You obviously have not read the research.

      • bigboing says:

         You obviously have never had a conversation with  Stan. These phenomena are vitally important to the people (and those who love them) who experience them. The experience of the phenomena begs the attention of researchers and the reality of the phenomena just gets dragged along.

  5. ill lich says:

    As it should be– scientists should not get emotionally involved in their studies.  I know it’s hard, we’re all human, and they undoubtedly chose their profession because of a great love of science.  But at the end of the day every scientist is just one cog in a giant knowledge machine.  Some of the cogs turn out to be superfluous, but we can’t know that at the beginning.  There is nothing too mundane or silly to be given serious study.

  6. markbellis says:

    Randi doesn’t disrespect anybody unless they are trying to deliberately con people, like the TV evangelist with the hidden radio in his ear getting info on the people he pretends to cure or ‘psychic surgeons’ who use sleight-of-hand to trick people into thinking they’re being cured. Stanley Krippner has done a presentation at  the James Randi Educational Foundation’s The Amazing Meeting in 2007, but it was about “RAPE, WAR, and AIDS”

    Rational and Irrational Beliefs about the AIDS Pandemic”, not his psychic research.

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