Awesome lamp resembles Zeppelin airship

Jake Von Slatt tells Boing Boing, "I got an email this morning from Flaminio Bovino, a young Italian designer who though I might like this amazing blimp lamp he made. He was correct!"


  1. Isn’t ‘zeppelin blimp’ nonsensical? Zeppelin is a rigid airship. A blimp is not.

      1. The link that calls it a blimp lamp should also be corrected. It has a metal frame giving it shape, so it’s really not a blimp.

    1. Damn, beat me to it.  Along the same lines, put an audio speaker on the lamp, and every time you turn it on, a mp3 file plays over and over “Oh, the humanity!  Oh, the humanity!  Oh, the humanity!…”

  2. It’s all good fun until it bursts into flame and crashes on your desk…

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