Badass steampunk Nerfgun-cum-raygun

Etsy seller Steampunk101's GOLIATHON is a truly shitkicking steampunk Nerfgun mod, though that craftspersonship doesn't come cheap: $350!

What happens when you weaponize all the horsepower of a full-size steam locomotive? You get the Goliathon. One shot can level a building, down an airship, or turn a man inside out.

This is a modified Nerf Vulcan. It has many real metal elements added to it, including 4 gauges, copper piping, brass embellishments, and a solid metal valve wheel. It is roughly 2 1/2 feet long. It is a prop only and not intended to fire anything.

Steampunk Gun - THE GOLIATHON (via CNet)


    1.  Would you like to see my cum-raygun? I’ve got some pictures posted at This URL has been blocked by your service provider for containing malicious or inappropriate content.

    1. WHY?! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???????


      I’m sorry can’t mantain capslock voice. just… *headdesk*

  1. Yo dog, I heard you liked nerfgun steampunk so I nerfed your nerfgun to make it steampunk.

    Still though… that is damned shiny!

  2. Arrrrrrg!. I hate it when BoingBoing Idolizes Crappy Faux-Steampunk. Gee, lets get a plastic toy and glue on fome fiddly bits and left over plumbing and then try to sell it for big cash. 

    The poor Maker could not figure out an artful way to attach some of the pipe so he used crappy plumbers tape. He could not figure out how to attach some copper tubing so he drove two screws right through the tube and dimpled it! (making it overly obvious that it is entirely non functional and thus just a crappy piece of lowbrow art.)Good Steampunk is marvelous. This is simply someone adding junk and paint to a commercially made plastic gun. They failed so badly that it no longer even fires the Nerf darts. How sad :-(When will BoingBoing stop gushing over junk and learn to discriminate between art and junk?

    1. Could you post a link to your art work please? I would like to see if you are coming from a position of authority or you’re just a know nothing, never done a thing, dick  wad, who’s got nothing better to do than criticize other peoples hard work while you slob on the sofa with hand down your shorts – let me know.

      1. His criticisms are specific and valid.

        Yours, conversely, relies on the naive old argument that criticism is invalid unless the critic can concretely demonstrate the ability to produce superior work. Can you say a movie sucks without presenting your own portfolio of superior films? Yes. Yes, you can. The only thing your argument is good for is squelching discussion and censoring critique. 

    2. Respectfully Sir.

      Bite Me. This gun obviously looks like someone cared in it’s construction rather than a ‘diped in glue and rolled in cogs’ approach. Authentic? No… but Steampunk is so very much what you make of it. Personally feels more Dieselpunk to me but *shrug* That’s just me.

  3. …somehow this seems to perfectly resemble the image I previously had in mind after reading Burroughs.

  4.  hehehe… let’s please use refined french “avec” instead of horny latin “cum”

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