MAKE Staff Nerds Out Over Upcoming 3D “School’s Out” Special Issue

Gareth says:

Today was an exciting day at the MAKE offices as we cracked open the first case of “School’s Out, our next special issue. This issue is very special as it’s devoted to kids and making and it’s in swinging, leaping, page-busting 3D! The thrills! The spills! The over 50 family- and kid-friendly projects!

Look for Make: School’s Out! at Maker Faire Bay Area (May 19-20), and on newsstands and in the Maker Shed after that. It’s a really cool issue which was great fun to put together and we hope it shows.

MAKE Staff Nerds Out Over Upcoming 3D “School’s Out” Special Issue


      1.  For the record, Dale didn’t really address the criticisms that people had. Hopefully, he will in the CBC Spark piece on it he and Mitch got interviewed for. Will Boing Boing mention it though?

        I understand that you’re involved (obviously) with Make Magazine, Mark, but the radio silence on Boing Boing on this controversy has been noticed by folks.

  1. I hope you MAKErs took a some 3D stereo photos of your group portrait.  What? No 3D camera?!–no excuse!  Go to MAKE ish#28, page 155, to see how to make your own stereo camera slide bar!

  2. That headline reads like you fired all the nerds because of this issue.

  3. pleasepleaseplease tell me you guys have a project on making an adapter to turn any camera into a stereo one with one sided mirror beam splitters!  so desperately needed in this world of abundant cameras and stereo enthusiasm.

  4. Yes! Make some more 3D pictures of the group and send them to us and we can showcase them on our main page (3DTV.COM)! Love it!!

  5. Gareth’s got the right idea: don’t let that delicious Piper Sonoma Brut get flat and warm sitting on the table.

  6. Aren’t there any people of color at MAKE? Probably wouldn’t want to wear the stupid glasses.

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