New web series by Aasha Davis: The Unwritten Rules

From the Happy Accident Department: Last year, I received an email titled "found your wife's wallet on ventura walking." My heart skipped a beat because my wife and I didn't even know it was missing (it fell out of her purse), and I opened the email. It said:

not sure which address is best so i am writing to both hoping that it all goes to one place.

my wife and i were just walking home from trader joe's and found your wife's wallet.

scary how quickly someone can find another these days, but i guess in this case it is a good thing. my wife lost her license recently and we hoped that someone would contact us before we canceled everything, but sadly they did not.

hope we caught you before to much panic set in.

tried to find her, but you were easier.

let me know what is best to get it back to you or to her.

The sender's name was Jesse, and my wife drove over to their house later that day and picked up her wallet. Jesse and I started up an nice email exchange. It turned out that he was a MAKE and CRAFT reader and was a full time knitter with an online store called Hood Handmade. (I bought a knit beanie from Jesse for the newborn baby of MAKE's project editor, Keith Hammond.)

Jesse's wife is an actor, Aasha Davis, who has been on a bunch of TV shows, most notably South of Nowhere and Friday Night Lights. Aasha is now producing and starring in a terrific and funny new series, called The Unwritten Rules, and you can watch the episodes online. Here's episode 1 and here's episode 2. I'm looking forward to more episodes!

The Unwritten Rules