New web series by Aasha Davis: The Unwritten Rules


3 Responses to “New web series by Aasha Davis: The Unwritten Rules”

  1. RubySkyePI says:

    What a fabulous find.  The Unwritten Rules is a terrific series.  Your wife’s bad luck was our good fortune.

  2. Julie Mango says:

    Great story and great find! I like Aasha Davis since her South of Nowhere days (she also starred in a fantastic movie, Pariah), but hadn’t heard of The Unwritten Rules – and wouldn’t have expected to come across it on BoingBoing…It’s nice when worlds unexpectedly converge (even if it is due to lost wallets).

  3. Cary Allen says:

    Long, long ago when computers lived in ‘labs,’ and we wrote letters by hand or on typewriters, I found a purse in the middle of the street. It was full of cash and plane tickets. It took me about twenty seconds to find the owner in the phone book and call her up. 

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