Weighthacker: weight-loss for geeks


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  1. I read and collect a lot of used books and the fascinating thing is to behold the myriad number of “lose weight fast” books on bookstore shelves. There seems to be an un-ending number of diet books targeted at almost every social niche. I’m not sure that Engler’s “Weighthacks” would help me lose weight – the proof of course would be in the pudding (oops, I mean the low-fat pudding) – here’s to losing weight via any program!

  2. Thomas Valley says:

    Someone appears to have Weighthacked their database.

  3. user1234567 says:

    Too bad it doesn’t have a full text RSS feed :(

  4. Karl J. Smith says:

    Add  http://www.weighthacker.com/feed/ into Google Reader and you can read it all…

  5. eraserhead666 says:

    In REAMDE, Stephenson’s hacker almost dies from obesity, is saved when the hero slaps him on a treadmill-laptop. I would assume that’s the most important tip and will recommend to my local bookstore that REAMDE be moved to the health section of the store.

  6. paulleader says:

    Reminds me of John Walker’s classic The Hacker’s Diet which helped me lose weight.


    • bibulb says:

      I just started using a Fitbit, and its calorie tracker puts you on a diet plan not entirely dissimilar from this – albeit without the trend graphs, which are admittedly kind of a primary diagnostic. 

      Very well put together, though.

    • Toni Fowlie says:

      I dropped 60lb on the Hacker’s Diet

      Math rules


      • paulleader says:

        Yeah, learning how to track your weight properly over time using rolling averages was a big part of it for me, not stressing over short term changes.

        Paul Leader

  7. Craig Engler says:

    eraserhead666 I use a treadmill desk!  It’s awesome. 

    • Scott Rose says:

      Amen. Day two on my desk. Definitely feel a lot better. The only weirdness, is I feel kind of dizzy for about 5 seconds after stopping. Think that might just be some compensatory effect after you’ve gotten used to viewing a screen while in motion?

  8. Craig Engler says:

    Kurt, I hear you.Weight Hacking is definitely not a “lose weight fast” book. It’s more of a “lose weight slow” book and actually points out why “fast” and “fad” diets don’t work. It’s also not a diet book at all.  What it does do is explain the reasons why you’re overweight (assuming you are) and the things you can do within your current lifestyle to change that.

    • Craig, I can sense your obvious thoughtfulness in this venture. Losing weight is the best thing to improve one’s health, thinking and relationships. Most people I know DO want to lose weight, but they’re totally against the idea of making any effort towards that goal. I lost 60 pounds a few years ago by eating better (and less) and by walking long distances every day. Walking gives me a chance to listen to music and see the world. I still am working on the “eating less” part.

      An “eat well” book for Geeks and level-headed tech-oriented people is certainly a clever idea (or gimmick, depending on one’s viewpoint) – personally, for me eating less and moving around more is the ultimate in weight loss. It works 97.5% of the time. Best of luck. Hope you reach your fund-raising goal. People do need to lose weight in safe ways, geeks included.

  9. Shiny says:

    “Error establishing a database connection. Please try again later.”

    I guess I’ll go do my five-mile run and check out the site when I re… OH!! Well played, Weighthacker. Well played…

  10. Looks like their server equipment needs to be a bit… ahem… beefier.

  11. sockdoll says:

    Is this the SyFy Channel’s Craig Engler? If so, congratulations to him – I really enjoy his web presence. I used to see him post sometimes on an online science fiction forum where I spent time, as well as here on BoingBoing. He seems like a nice guy and a class act.

  12. oasisob1 says:

    Fitocracy works nicely. If you use it.

  13. Zora says:

    Have lost forty pounds using Lose It! combined with Hacker’s Diet. A program that merged both would be ideal. 

  14. Culturedropout says:

    The only way a book or a computer is going to help me lose weight is if a very large, very mean man stands in front of the kitchen and beats me about the head and shoulders with it whenever I approach.  Now if someone would start a weight-loss program where they send an attractive person to your house to cavort naked with you whenever you were bored or lonely or depressed, that might just work…

  15. Jonathan_Harford says:

    Until the hacks in 0wnz0red are available, I guess this will have to do.

  16. Jonathan_Harford says:

    Oh jeez. That story is almost ten years old! Why has it still not yet come true?

  17. Also be sure to check out http://www.nerdfitness.com – an excellent resource for nerds looking to get in shape.

  18. Cowicide says:

    Eat less. Exercise more.

  19. crockeronline says:

    Yeah, +1 for NerdFitness as an additional resource. In fact, I lost 35 lbs over the last year precisely due to diversifying the blogs and databases that I used. DailyBurn, MarksDailyApple, and NerdFitness were cornerstones. I’m excited to look at the information on WeightHacker as well. A community of support is essential.

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