Bugs Galore, a new book illustrated by Bob Staake

201205031054Bugs Galore is a kids' book written by Peter Stein and illustrated by Bob Staake, one of my favorite illustrators (see my review of Look! A Book!, a video of Bob's unusual drawing process, The making of one of his New Yorker covers, a review of The Donut Chef, his version of Struwwelpeter, and a review of The Orb of Chatham).

201205031105One neat thing about Bugs Galore, besides its funny/gross poetry and delightful artwork, is that Bob's six year old niece, Amelia Leonard, drew some of the bugs that appear in the book (right). Jane and I had a great time seeking them out in the colorful, busy pages. Below, a couple of sample pages, so you can hunt for Amelia's bugs, too.



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  1. I guess that means I’ll have to rename my autobiography.  It was going to be, “Bugs Galore: My Life As A Software Developer.”

  2. better link is http://boingboing.net/2008/01/03/video-of-bob-staakes.html
    I think someone was missing some hyphens in the link.

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