How To: Assemble a large hadron collider

One of my favorite parts about going on tours of laboratories are the signs and jokes that scientists post on office doors and lab walls. This gem comes from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The obvious question: How do you transport an infinite number of protons home from IKEA? Does that fit on the little cardboard roof rack?


  1. Those aren’t electrons Maggie, electrons are negatively charged. The LHC shoots positively charged protons (and nuclei).

  2. Futurama reference?  the Prof makes a super collider out of Swedish furniture factory parts..  delivered by a Swedish furniture factory robot, that slowly falls apart leaving the building.  lol

  3. I bought one of those, but it only came with  8,999,995 of the little alignment dowels.

  4. An type of art seldom exhibited in museums consists of those clever things  found posted in cubicles at tech companies. I took a tour of such a company with a group one evening and the cubicles I happened to walk by were the highlight.

  5. 1)  You cut two holes in a box.
    2)…..What?  Hadron?  Is that a word?  Never mind then.

  6. What does one do with the leftover parts?   I followed the directions scrupulously but still had a handful of protons when I finished……

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