The Atom ukulele


7 Responses to “The Atom ukulele”

  1. Ziebarf says:

    Imagine smashing this thing on stage.

  2. coreyi35 says:

    Oh, you mean the instrument.  Right, yes.

  3. Zod says:

    forget the Uke, I wanna see the chick!

  4. Baldhead says:

    Headstock is very reminiscent of Bootsy’s Space Bass, the latest version of which is pretty awesome as well.×150.jpg

  5. Rich Keller says:

    That  is snazzy. It would never occur to me to to make a googie uke.

  6. I would have gone with “Nukulele” or “Duke Ukem”. *cradles head in hands and weeps at the punnage*

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