Anti-abortion campaigners sink to new depths

Todd Stave from Voice of Choice (previously covered here) says, "This flyer was put on the doors of the homes in my wife’s parents neighborhood. They are targeting me because I am the landlord to an abortion doctor. The people who made this piece of art felt that best way to convey their desire for me to terminate my lease with the doctor was to litter my in-laws' neighborhood and attempt to embarrass them."

Voice of Choice


  1. These people are terrorists. They’re clearly soliciting violence against this woman’s parents.

  2. “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

  3. O_O

    Could you please put a 'graphic images' warning before the jump? kthxbai

    1. 2 articles in a very short space of time with NSFAnyone images on the front page. Give us a break bb…

      1. Just saying “Anti-abortion nuts posted bloody fetus pictures in the parents’ neighborhood” doesn’t really convey the vileness of these creeps.

        1. Agreed. A text splash does not do the actual image/flier justice. Sure there’s the dead babies but then you get into the rest of the flier itself.

        2.  But isn’t that exactly the same rationale the anti-choicers are using to justify their wretched images?  They’re using disgusting pictures for their shock value, and so is BB.  Right? 
          I think their insane, but I think BB helps their cause by spreading their literature to a much wider audience. 

  4. If they want to play up the connection of a landlord and an abortion doctor by saying that the landlord profits from abortion, then pro-birthers should stop using public resources like Social Security and public transportation because…::gasp::…abortion doctors pay taxes that go to fund such projects and programs. Pro-choice people work at restaurants and grocery stores, so you should probably just stop eating or else you’re helping to support people who would allow abortions to happen at the discretion of pregnant women instead of wealthy white male politicians or the church! The connections just continue! We should just nuke the planet just to make sure no pro-choice people or abortion doctors are alive in order to kill innocent children.

    1. All I know is that if we could just get rid of all the oxygen in the air I’m pretty sure the abortion doctors wouldn’t be able to work their evil craft.

  5. The photos always strike me as particularly stupid. You do not rate the validaty of a medical procedure by how shocking or disgusting it looks.

    1.  in this case it would be them thinking that this is a life that ended in this horrible way.  If a medical procedure was guaranteed to kill the patient by mangling him people would add extra value on how horrible the treatment was. (in spite of peaceful ways to die by accident/murder)

      Now what they are missing is that if they talk and talk while seeing through their myopic view, it will not change those that think differently from them.  they might as well make us think they count as people by putting tiny little hats on their heads.

    2. Valid point. I wonder how many of these people would want “natural” childbirth (or even c-sections, for that matter) banned if they were shown how graphically nasty they can get.

  6. Even better: most of the photos used in “anti-abortion” flyers are of severely deformed and/or abnormal fetuses, so they’re extra grotesque. Usually they’ve been removed because they are either dead or, in technical phrasing, “incompatible with life.”

    They’re also not particularly careful about how many “weeks” a fetus is in the photos they use, and they’re usually older than they claim.

    (Dang it, this was supposed to be in response to Frederik.)

    1. Funny enough it’s christians that ARE getting bullied by these nutjobs worst of all. Take a stance that isn’t as fundimentalist or radacil and you’re treated like a piriah.

  7. These people are PRECISELY the reason why I became strongly pro-choice at the tender age of 8. In 1970, my mother went back to college to finish the education that she quit to get married and have me. It was a large state university with a large, active student union building. She had a few classes in the late afternoons and – as babysitters cost money – I would tag along and hang out in the cafeteria or lending library in the union while she went to class. One day as I walked down the main corridor, there was a table set up with huge posters showing gory images of aborted fetuses, and one of the “activists” eagerly shoved a pamphlet with more photos into my 8 year old hands.

    At that age, I was only dimly cognizant of the basic “facts of life” and had no awareness of what abortion was. But even at 8, I recognized that the sort of fanatical viewpoint that would completely ignore any sort of age appropriateness, was a viewpoint that I wanted no part of.

  8. So now at least the neighbors of the Kaplans can see up close the kind of mentality that drives hardcore anti-abortion activism.  And perhaps one or two of those neighbors will now say “The Kaplans are good people.  What kind of sicko would harass decent people this way?  I might have had some sympathy for the pro-lifers before…but anyone who’d do this is literally psychotic.”  So great job there, anti-choice crowd!  Keep showing the world your true face.  I’m sure it’ll make you lots of friends.

  9. Looks like dead aliens. Thanks for the pictures. We are now scared. Mission accomplished. 

  10. In my town, anti abortion terrorists drive a huge bus around with similar images plastered on all sides and park it across from hospitals, schools, and women’s clinics. I am all for free speech but to me this is disrespectful and shows no care for others.

  11. These people obsess over certain biological/scientific processes (in utero fetal development, 0-6 months) and historical events (Middle East, 0-33 AD) and then are willfully ignorant of everything else (child development, 0-18 years; world history, 14.5 Billion BC-0 AD, 33 AD-present).

  12. For what it’s worth, this kind of advertising never works. It usually has the opposite effect.

  13. Huh. I live about five miles from the listed address. I wonder if I can do anything to help? Or maybe the right-wing freaks have done more than enough already.

    1. Make a respectful, well-reasoned counterpoint flier and go round the same neighborhoods with it?

      Even just contacting the targets of this attack to let them know they have moral support could mean a lot to them, if enough people do it; although you may not get through, depending on how much hate-mail this attempt at persecution has prompted.

  14. I’m really liberal in my politics… except for abortion where I seem to be the opposite. I just don’t fathom how it can be so acceptable to kill living babies. 

    Although getting into a debate on this topic is a path to ruin I know… 

    As to this poster – well it’s typically extreme, much like most of American politics. But everyone else shows pictures of dying children, starving Ethiopians etc… they’re just doing the same. Plus abortion is way too easy – they should see the results of their actions.

    But… cannot… agree… with… religious nutjobs.

    Argh my mind is going to explode.

    1. Well, first, this isn’t an issue about the photos. It’s about the harassment. If you can’t get your point across without sinking to these lows, you may have already lost the argument. Second, as far as “abortion is way too easy – they should see the results of their actions”: the images used by anti-choice groups are always images taken of deformed, miscarried or fetuses aborted in extreme circumstances (mother in danger, etc.). And as for abortion being “way too easy”, maybe you should look into that and see how difficult it often is for a woman to obtain an abortion.

    2.  “Plus abortion is way too easy”

      Even in states where abortion hasn’t (yet) been legislated back into dark alleys, it’s not nearly as easy to get as you seem to think. Further, normal abortions are done long before the fetus has developed into anything remotely resembling a “living baby”.

    3. Look at it this way: if you believe in an omniscient, omnipotent god, then you have to believe that your god knows what’s going on and could choose to do things differently — say, by putting a fertilized zygote inside the uterus of a woman who CAN carry the pregnancy to term.  So, as the saying goes: let go and let God.

      Otherwise, the life of that eventual child is on you.  Which means, so is their death.  You can’t magically keep people from ever dying, whether while in utero or out in the big bad world.  By taking responsibility for “life” away from the woman, you are stepping into that same responsibility.  And yet, you are neither god nor parent to that child.

      You do not have that right.

    4.  It is perfectly acceptable to feel the way you do about abortion – it is also perfectly acceptable for you to decline ever to have an abortion – what is unacceptable, is elected representatives passing laws which restrict or remove the CHOICE to have one, from women who have been diagnosed with a toxic or otherwise unwanted pregnancy, and who don’t subscribe to the notion that abortion is abhorrent under any circumstances.

       If you disagree with abortion, you are exquisitely free to NEVER EVER EVER EVER have one. In this country, choosing NOT to abort a pregnancy, even one guaranteed to kill you,  is just as legal as choosing to do so. Isn’t America GREAT!!!!!?

    5. The part you and these nutjobs both don’t get is these ARE NOT BABIES. Go look up the definition of “baby” and find out that it is a BORN individual. If you use the correct terminology then maybe you’ll start to understand what’s really going on.

  15. Robert and Eunice Kaplan need to be reminded just how much they have been funding the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghanistanis, as well as of a few thousand coalition soldiers. 

    Maybe papering their neighbourhood with similiar pamphlets with pictures of those dead is in order.

  16. I’m sincerely amazed at the the strength of Mr. Stave’s (and his family’s) convictions. I absolutely believe that a reasoned response is the best way to deal with these kind of tactics but I don’t think I would have the strength of character to remain reasonable in the face of this kind of unfounded and hateful attack. Rather than comment on the obvious evil of the flier I really would like to thank Mr. Stave for his steadfastness in the face of this insanity and I hope that others look to him as an example of how to behave in a civilized society, regardless of how they may agree or disagree with him on any one particular issue.

  17. Maybe it’s years of exposure to the internet, but those aborted fetus photos are really doing nothing to me. That’s kind of horrible, isn’t it?

  18. This is damaging my calm. I say I’m all for non-violence and everything, but then I see shit like this…

    “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” — Mark Twain

  19. Worked on me. I went right to that donate link on Voice of Choice and put my credit card to good use. You see what a little judiciously applied advertising can do for your cause? 

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