Friday Freak-Out: Rolf Harris performing "Sun Arise"

Friday Freak-Out: Rolf Harris performing his 1962 hit "Sun Arise."


  1. Kate Bush did a tribute to this song in 1982 (not a cover version as such, but still a close homage) with Rolf himself performing on the track, though he doesn’t appear in this VERY Eighties video for it:

    1. I don’t see how The Dreaming is a homage to this song, apart from the fact that both feature Rolf playing didgeridoo. If you are making didgeridoo music in the UK you pretty much have to go to Rolf Harris anyway.

  2. Engineered by Geoff Emerick  – DO NOT ask me about Rolf’s occult links to William Burroughs and the Situationists (clue: via the Beatles)…

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