Mindshare 50 in Downtown L.A: A Weekend of Fascinating Presenters, Artists & Activities, May 11-13

Douglas Campbell says:

201205041511Mindshare is a pioneering series of knowledge exchange forums created to inspire, educate and empower all participants. The lectures and demonstrations, many of which are interactive, span across science, art, pop culture, technology, and media. Mindshare has become a mecca for a growing community of intellectuals, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs -- with over 10,000 participants. This May, join hundreds of influential and cultured Angelenos in the Arts District of downtown as Mindshare LA celebrates its 50th consecutive month of salons! The three-day event will feature fascinating speakers, musicians and performers centered around a full day of inspiring talks, entertainment and art as we collectively explore "What Comes Next?" for ourselves, our culture and our planet.

Speakers include

- Nolan Bushnell / Co-Founder and Chief Game Designer of Anti-Aging Games

- Gianelle Veis / Manager, Prize Development, X PRIZE Foundation.

- Dan Goods / Visual Strategist, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Amanda Parkes Ph.D. / Biomedia Designer, Fashion Technologist, Curator, Professor

Installations include: A Working Gyrocycle, Data Art, Kinect Hacks, Computer Vision & Brain Interfaces!

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