Motorcycle from Japan washes up in Canada


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  1. um…not found buried in the sand, like in that apparently unrelated picture. it was in the cube part of a cube van which, presumably, is the only way a motorcycle could make it across – i don’t think they float:

  2. johne2 says:

    Look Err, free egg.

  3. Kwolfbrooks says:

    Any piece of steel mechanical equipment that’s been washed in salt water is a waste of time to restore.  Every nut and bolt and electrical wire is rendered worthless.  Even the aluminum on the bike will have oxidized.  As a mechanic, I’ve worked on cars that have been in close proximity to surf and the salt rots them away.  Remember this when you drive your new car on the beach!

  4. Hamish Grant says:

    yeah but wait what about this one?  HD is already paying to restore this one and return it to its owner. Different bike! Weird all these Harleys washing up in BC. I guess it’s better than feet-in-sneakers.

  5. Net Fire says:

    Did they test the motorcycle for radiation? 

  6. mesocosm says:

    Harley-Davidson is not only going to completely restore the bike, they’re returning it to the owner by helicopter:

    • mkultra says:

      Erm, I’m not sure if you’re serious, but when they refer to having the “chopper” shipped back, they are using “chopper” as slang for a cruiser-style motorcycle, not implying that the bike will be shipped via helicopter.

      As a parenthetical note, the reason bikes of that style are referred to as “choppers” is because the (typically) v-twin engines are typically very loud, and the sound can be somewhat reminiscent of a helicopter in flight.

      • jasonmarks says:

        Actually, the term “chopper” comes from an earlier era of motorcycle customization, where it was common to “chop” the fenders short.  

      • Bad Juju says:

        Er, nope.
          Chopper refers to a custom bike that’s had its frame heavily modified (“chopped”, get it?), most often increasing the rake of the headstock.    
        Gawker was taking liberties with the term as this tsunami bike is relatively stock-appearing. Not all loud HD’s are choppers and not all choppers are  HD’s or even v-twins for that matter (see Truimph &  Honda CB750 choppers of the 60s/70s)
        Here’s a tip, kids, don’t come to BB for tips on biker culture. Or just take a peep at Wikipedia, even. 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I’m a little disturbed by all of the publicity around this.  Three of his family members died and now IT’S A MIRACLE that he’s getting his bike back.  The need to find something good about this gigantic tragedy seems a bit desperate.

      • Sasha K-S says:

        Family members can be a real PITA, but a good motorcycle just keeps on giving smiles all day long.

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