Rocket Ship comic-book ad

There are some who'll say that X-Ray Specs illos are the zenith of old-timey kid-targeted comics advertising. Those people are wrong. Cardboard spaceships, with their Voyage to the Mushroom Planet promise, are so far beyond anything ever drawn in service of X-Ray Specs that the championship is easy to perceive. This thing is pure desiderata pheromone.

Jet "Rocket" Space Ship


  1. I just bought The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet and re-read it after a 40 year break.  What a great book (still).

  2. Honor House was a deep and disappointing ripoff. Their 6′ Frankenstein was an image printed onto a sheet of white plastic. Disclaimer: I made the purchase after a lying neighborhood kid said he’d bought one and claimed it arrived in a box- nope, it arrived in an envelope.
    /learned from that early ’70s experience

  3. I had this or something a lot like it in the mid-Fifties. My folks got it for me for Christmas. Hard to imagine that they would have ordered something from a comic book. Bless their hearts!

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