Timothy Leary and David Byrne from Mondo 2000 (c.1992)


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  1. Kathy M. says:

    I loved that magazine, even though most of it made no sense to me! 

  2. Ambiguity says:

    I liked the content and used to pick it up on occasion, but whenever I did I always got the sneaking suspicion that it was, in fact, just as marketing rag for the nootropics industry. Or at least would have been, in that alternative universe — that Mondo seemed to inhabit, or at least wish for — where nootropics were a billion dollar industry.

  3. show me says:

    The physicist dude who named the quark is named Murray Gell-Mann. Just sayin’.

  4. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I recall the style and layout of Mondo 2000 being a major impediment to comprehension, and I was the only person I knew that bought it.

    • Ambiguity says:

      I recall the style and layout of Mondo 2000 being a major impediment to comprehension…

      It was the Wired of the early 90′s.

  5. RightReverendRex says:

    I still have half a dozen issues which I treasure. I recall when Wired™ came out they tried to imitate a lot of the inventive type/styling and failed miserably. When I couldn’t read something in M2000 it didn’t matter as much because often the experience > words. The only other magazines that I felt were transcendental to this degree were Mad and WigWag (in their own methods).

    I recall one flight I was on where I was reading M2k and flipping through a fashion spread and this tall dark flight attendant who reminded me a bit of Grace Jones stopped, looked down and said “Wow- that dress looks like a labia piercing.” One of the few times in my life I was at a loss for words.


  6. I knew nothing about Mondo 2000 when it was actually current.  Read about it years after the fact and th0ught “”Wow, that’s so cool, can’t believe I knew nothing about that at the time.”  I only discovered all the cool stuff about the 90s after the 90s – during the actual decade itself, all I knew was grunge, Britpop, Friends, and effing Pierce Brosnan as Bond.  At some point later, I read Mark Dery’s book Escape Velocity, and realized some cool shit actually happened in the 90s.

  7. Erik Sayle says:

    I got the 1st issue of Mondo 2000 in a Safeway in Mill Valley of all places. Blew my mind. I inhaled that magazine. Every issue. They even had a special issue “Guide to cyberspace” or something. They got alot of stuff right and better than Wired at first. But they imploded. Heard a rumor the Publisher got a Giggolo and went to Brazil and Ayuhasca ceremonies too much….. just a rumor.

    Also, my high school teacher used Alice to illustrate logic and Geometry. I loved that way of thinking. I got it and it really changed my whole perception of math and the sciences. I started to visualize logic. Those Carrol poems were mathematical formulas. 

    And as Wolfram thinks and other increasingly, the whole poem of nature and everything is just formulas writ large then that light bulb that went off was very grand indeed.

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