Webcomic: Face-Skull, a graphic designer with a disembodied, crime-fighting alter-ego


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  1. As a former cartoonist myself, I’ve always been partial to “single panel” comics. A single panel really puts a cartoonist’s know-how to the test. In other words, without the somewhat repetitive multi-panel set-ups, most of these “Face-Skull” ‘toons could easily thrive with only two or three condensed panels (but probably not one) – in conclusion, Pat Dorians drawings are very good. But I simply don’t find “Face-Skull” funny – and (after all) that’s what all great cartoons are supposed to be. Unless (of course) Face-Skull is one of those conceptual comics (?) that is supposed to be ironically unfunny.

  2. BDiamond says:

    Oh, look! Michael Fleisher is writing The Spectre again!

  3. Why you show t shirt that is not for sale? I WANT ARMY MAN T SHIRT! But there are none to buy. This is mean.

  4. Tim H says:

    This guy had a great “Keep on Truckin’” style Jason Vorhees shirt at the MOCCA fest last weekend.

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