Caturday: watch these live nude kittens on the internet (video)


21 Responses to “Caturday: watch these live nude kittens on the internet (video)”

  1. Oh gods, there goes the rest of my weekend, too.

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t go with Live Nude Underage Pussy.

  3. Well, there goes my weekend. I’ve got to start taking these warnings seriously.

  4. Guest says:

    milk bar

  5. Hugh Johnson says:

    never underestimate the powah of DA KITTEH!

    there goes my weekend too. squee!

  6. Steve White says:

    Great way to spend Caturday.

  7. kmoser says:

    Came looking for kitty porn. Left satisfied.

  8. Losing so much productivity… thank you, Kitteh Gods of the Internets…

  9. crummett says:

    It needs an interactive laser pointer.

  10. Rosin Ffield says:

    This made me think, one can make a real tarded Kitten Cam with no live kitten but with a view of stuffed animal being streamed. Or even a VERY badly done stuffed animal, like some abstract saussage (claiming to be kitten). The basket containing the ‘thing’ can be kicked lightly from time to time to change the view. I feel such a contraption would bring lots of laughter to many a soul! ^,^

  11. BarBarSeven says:

    Too much pussy for me to handle. Also, that mom is staring me down. Makes me feel icky for watching her kittens.

  12. Guest says:

    That momcat is mugging the camera like “SET CHU FROM, BITCH”

  13. Marius van Voorden says:

    I’m so glad I have two monitors. Now I can watch fullscreen kittens on one monitor, and still type this comment on the other :D

  14. lasershark says:

    is this what is meant by the term kitty-crack?

  15. Guest says:

    I think the camera is the warmest thing in the room. They’re always curled up under the lens. 

  16. jimh says:

    Aghhhhh! Teh cuteness is overwhelming!

  17. jimh says:

    Kitteh watching is stretching into Monday… and make a serious dent in teh productiviteez.

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