Mispronounced tech terms


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  1. Bagobones says:

    Satire? Troll? I am not sure what it is, but it isn’t really funny or interesting.

  2. phomancho says:

    I came to say what Bagobones said. Lame

  3. Daemonworks says:

    They could have at least gotten the fake-wrong pronunciation of internet right.

  4. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Nate Smith publishes article designed to get Anonymous to send over pizzas and hookers… Film at 11.

  5. TheKaz1969 says:

    Am I dating myself if I say, “Is it siss-op, or sigh-sop?”

    • SamSam says:

      If you’re actually asking, then it just depends on whether you’re talking about a Systems Operator, or a melodramatic blubberer.

  6. Jim Saul says:

    I do sometimes say “Squill” to confound coders.

    And I’ve never been quite sure of the “disk”/”disc” spelling. So I use “disq.”

    I’ll also admit that I was an embarrassingly long way into Anathem before I realized some of the etymology.

  7. Smerdis says:

    I thought it actually was Vee-Logging… ‘Vladimir’s Vlachian Vlog’ makes so much more sense now!

  8. TaymonBeal says:

    If you enjoyed this, you might like this blog, Fake Eytmologies.

  9. Jeremy Melanson says:

    I actually feel a little dumber from having taken the time to read that.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I formally request a refund of my 45 seconds.  I’m sure I have the receipt here somewhere…

  10. chf64 says:

    Wow… that was a huge waste of time.  It irritated me even more because I’ve heard people saying “Memmay” or “MayMay” or “MeMe” and I didn’t know what they were talking about.

  11. Mantissa128 says:

    Back in the days, trolling meant something.

    meme = may-may
    desu = dee-suh
    sage = sayj
    4chan = fortune

  12. Douglas Stuart says:

    Am I dumb here, or isn’t the real correct way of pronouncing GIF like the peanut butter? So, the satire piece about which holds up mispronunciation gets the first one wrong/right?

  13. chgoliz says:

    ” pronuncuations”

    Please tell me you meant that typo!

  14. Ambiguity says:

    OK. So Rob trolled us. Get over it — this is the Innernet, after all!

  15. Robert says:

    Jigawatts! Jigawatts!

  16. Jon Bakos says:

    Zoid: So, you want to be a comedian, is it?
    Zoidberg: It’s my lifelong dream.
    Zoid: [shouting] Well that dream dies now. [He bangs his claw on the table.] You’re unfunny and untalented.

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