Permanent Converse

An unsourced/unidentified photo of a man's (?) foot with a very good, detailed and shadowed Converse All-Stars tattooed upon it, in stylish red. No mention if he has the other foot done, nor why he left off the toes and soles (that may be a limitation of tattoo technology, I suppose).

Converse Shoe Tattooed on Foot (via Geekologie)


  1. I’ve seen some bad ideas for tattoos over the years, but this one just makes him look like a hobo-hipster.

  2. Clearly a committed work-around to the whole “no shoes, no shirt, no service” rule. (Step 1 anyway.)

  3. I’m fairly positive the toes would be a special brand of painful, and they’d look odd. Consider when the toes are spread, and think about what the toenails would look like. As for getting the soles of the foot done, it’s a bad idea on so many levels: technical reasons — it’s hard to do in the first place, the tattoo won’t last; health reasons — healing will be (to put it lightly) a bitch, infection will be likely; logistical reasons — it’s hard to find an artist to do it (because they know the other reasons).

    I wanted my first tattoo idea on the sole of my foot. I was quickly talked out of that, and it ended up on my calf. I’m satisfied with it there, but there are times I wish I could’ve gotten it in the original spot instead. The trouble there is I would’ve had to deal with magic instead of the available technology.

    1. I’ve had my toes tattooed for onder a decade now and except for the edges of my pinkie toes and a tiny bit of my big toe,  they are all still there.  It was my first tattoo. Of course it hurt, but it wasn’t terrible. The two tiny toes on both feet are the most painful.  Healing was as normal as any other part of your body you keep clean.  A+ tattoo, would do again.

  4. I forwarded this to my brother, his daughter is just crazy enough to do this.

  5. Puts me in mind of Jonesy’s (P&T’s pianist) permanent doc martens – you can see them and read the story behind them in an interview he graciously gave me:

    As for the toes & soles – they can be tattooed but as a practical matter there would still be the issue of the toenails in terms of design and the sole of the foot is rarely done because it simply is not easy to tattoo, is often very painful, & the results will be subpar compared to tattooing on other regions – the sole of the foot is quite a bit different than most of the rest of your skin. Toe tattoos are not uncommon but tend to be stand alone designs, for instance my wife has a knitting pattern abbreviation tattooed across hers.

    1.  Have not thought about BME in a very, very LONG time!  Damn you!!!

      Whenever I think about “painful” tattoo placement, I always think about the posers that get the “cool tribal” band on their upper arm. Only they don’t go all the way around because it hurts too much. They get a good laugh from me.

      1. I always thought that was because the Celts didn’t do it, and they didn’t do it because they believed the soul would not be able to escape the body if the tattoo went all the way around. 

        Likely not correct, but a bummer for you if they were right.

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting a tatt of a face on my face for a while now. 

    1. Oh yeah? 

      I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo that’s bigger on the inside than on the outside!

  7. Toes and the soles of your feet are both highly sensitive nerve wise, and they shed skin more rapidly. Tatooing these areas would result in a quickly blurry/muddy looking tattoo that was very painful to acquire.

  8. He didn’t do the toes and soles because those are the white parts and his toes and foot are already white. White is also a very difficult color to tattoo on a white person because the contrast is so low.

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