Philly Police Union wants to oust retired officer for legally wearing uniform at an Occupy Wall Street rally

Radley Balko says:

The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police is looking to strip a retired captain of his union membership, because he had sex with a 14-year-old girl illegally raided immigrant-owned bodegas across the city, then stole from and threatened their owners illegally arrested and nearly killed a man for legally carrying a firearm beat his girlfriend and threatened to “stamp” her “heart out” sexually assaulted three women during drug raids . . . hmm. It appears to have been none of those.

Lewis’ inexcusable offense?

He wore his police uniform to the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park last year.

“He’s not respecting the uniform,” [union president John] McNesby said. “People died for that uniform. It’s not Halloween.”

Not only should Lewis be punished by the union, McNesby said, he “absolutely” should be locked up every time he sets foot in Philly with his uniform on.

Philly Police Union Looks To Oust Retired Cop


  1. why can’t they just admit the reason is that they don’t agree with OWS? he did nothing wrong or illegal. if he wore it to a Tea Party rally, i bet they wouldn’t have said a thing.

    1. I think unions stand with quite a few of the many, many goals of OWS. Not to mention every time there’s a protest, demonstration or rally, police get some overtime pay. OWS or Tea Party – who cares, if it ends up with a 66″ Weber Freestanding Gas grill.

        1. Because Occupy gives the police lots of opportunity to practice inappropriate force, which the police do not want publicized. Occupy tends to be higher tech than most, so inappropriate police behavior tends to get put on the web, which would in turn cause a public outcry, thus limiting police power. So of course the police and their union are against Occupy — its simple self-preservation. It’s not like there’s some position that the police union cannot philosophically reconcile with Occupy’s.

        2. JP: Cursory glance at US Marine regulations re times retirees are prohibited from wearing uniform. There are a bunch.

          “(2) During or in connection with the furtherance of political activities, private employment or commercial interests, when an inference of official sponsorship for the activity or interest could be drawn.”

          Maybe Philly’s Fraternal Order of Police sees itself on par with the Corp, I dunno.

    1. Had to go and look up what the Police Advisory Commission is.

      Damn. All of the links above and that PDF actually make glad to live in Oakland. Philly makes our cops look like choir boys.

    2. That PDF makes no sense whatsoever. It sounds like the Police Advisory Commission is calling for officers to be at least fired simply because someone complained, but all I can find in that letter is “apologize”. How is that endangering the city? I would find it very hard to take this kind of letter seriously, and would probably respond with a letter explaining that they misunderstand.

  2. This is not the kind of behavior that I would expect from the Philadelphia police. Wait…

  3. See, they’re worried it will confuse the on-duty cops and they’ll start beating each other.

  4.   Union president John McNesby said: “People died for that uniform. It’s not Halloween.” 

    LOL, did they try to rescue it from a fire? 
    They might have died in that uniform, but not for it. 
    A veteran cop in uniform is not costumed. 

    Is John McNesby asking his fellow policemen to repeatedly make false arrests?  Is that legal? 

    1. Maybe they recite a Pledge of Allegiance to the uniform every morning.

      1.      This is my uniform. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

            My uniform is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

            Without my uniform, I am just an asshole. With my uniform, I’m an asshole with authority to abuse.

  5. The same union using their leverage trying to get a member of their union fired for exercising free speech rights readily stands up strongly to defend those guilty of manslaughter while on duty.

    Free speech is protected by the union, so long as the speech is in the form of bullets.

    In their view, it is okay to kill people while in uniform and  it is not okay to peacefully assemble with them in uniform

    Honestly, there is no polite way to say it. That union is acting like a rabble of evil, Machiavellian bastards.

  6. I always found Unions to never be lacking in short supply of bellyacher’s.

    1.  Given the whole purpose of unions is to provide a platform for their members’ grievances that would otherwise be ignored by their employers, I’m gonna file that under “no shit, sherlock”.

  7. The presence of a uniformed officer on the other side of the lines can only serve to make the demonstrators more respectful of the police. He represents a viewpoint of tolerance, so if they disrespect the officers they are facing, they know that they are also disrespecting him. For that reason, his presence should serve to calm down the OWS side.

    By trying to throw him out, the union is making their members’ jobs harder, not easier.

    1.  Cool, so who’s going to calm down the cops? An Occupier with a pepper spray cannon?

  8. This is my video of Captain Lewis being arrested. It was one of the classiest, most graceful pieces of civil disobedience I’ve ever witnessed. To my way of thinking, the man is a credit to the uniform and to the department to which he once belonged. If the police union doesn’t see it that way, maybe they’re putting too high a value on conformity, and too low a value on personal integrity.

  9. Police can rape, rob, and, and murder without compromising their role in the fraternity. Once you start standing up for liberty though… that’s the kind of disorder not even bitches in a sorority will tolerate so up against the wall motherfucker!

  10. ““He’s not respecting the uniform,” [union president John] McNesby said. “People died for that uniform. It’s not Halloween.”
    Not only should Lewis be punished by the union, McNesby said, he “absolutely” should be locked up every time he sets foot in Philly with his uniform on.”

    You first, you get rid of every single union member who has violated the public trust and their rights and speak out against them… then you might be in a position to make any demands.

    You call for an end to the blue wall closing ranks to protect one of your own who is a disgrace the the uniform.

    More people died in combat fatigues and I don’t see VFW members calling other ex-military people out for attending protests.   But then they died to ensure our rights to have you open your mouth and make a giant ass of yourself.

    Your yelling so loud at one man wearing a uniform he earned, where the fuck was your voice when your brother officers violated the rights of citizens?

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