Princess Leia hoodie with sidebuns


22 Responses to “Princess Leia hoodie with sidebuns”

  1. Trevor (KVB) says:

    It looks a little like an Admiral Ackbar hoodie…

  2. Wingnut says:

    I would feel like a complete nerfherder if I wore that…

  3. penguinchris says:

    I like it. It does look like Admiral Ackbar though, which is pretty funny. I’d laugh if someone wore it at a convention as an Ackbar costume, you would just need to add the chest insignia. The wearer’s eyes become Ackbar’s nostrils.

    • simonbarsinister says:

       How the hell does Admiral Ackbar get his popeye-huge lobster-spiked forearms through his sleeves in the morning?

  4. Ali Riza Saçan says:

    o.O she’s hot

  5. TheBehinder says:

    It’d be doubly awesome if those buns incorporated headphones.

  6. Bradley Robinson says:

    Looks more like an Abe Vigoda hoodie, which, oddly, makes me want one even more.

  7. angusm says:

    Read it as “sideburns”, which didn’t fit with my memories of Princess Leia. For a moment I was worried that Lucas had changed that too.

  8. doggo says:

    Only thugs, and, apparently, revolutionaries wear hoodies. Also, wearing a hoodie on certain Death Stars will get you shot, if yer not careful.

  9. Culturedropout says:

    “Sidebuns” sounds like part of a “BBW” that you don’t want to see…

  10. Don’t wear that in Florida, you’ll be shot.

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