Trip report: My Little Pony Project with customized ponies by Mark Mothersbaugh and others


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  1. ZikZak says:

    So awesome.  Pop art and my little pony really is a brilliant combination.

  2. Wild Rumpus says:

    Too cool!  Is there a flickr stream or somewhere we can see more of the photos? Looks like a great event.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    Good report, Sarina.

    The painting of the skirted girl walking two ponies could be a snapshot of a strange future with custom-engineered pony pets.

  4. Keith Tyler says:

    What, no bronies?

  5. nixiebunny says:

    My robotics team wants to name our robot Rainbow Dash or something like that.

    Which is to say, our bronie quotient is rather near one. 

  6. Egypt Urnash says:

    Whenever I hear “trip report” I kind of expect it to start out like this:

    “I’ve had many a journey with the Green Mother, but this was the strangest salvia experience I’ve ever had.”

  7. BBNinja says:

    I get the whole pop culture appeal of MLP but you gotta admit there’s an incredibly high and disturbing creep factor to all this, especially with 30+ year old, male “Bronies” who are eerily obsessed with this.
    I don’t know about you guys but I wouldn’t hire one them to babysit my preteen kids.

    • Nathan says:

      This probably goes without saying, but like just about any other group, Bronies have a vocal fringe minority that inspires negative backlash. And like every fringe case of a larger movement, media and the uninitiated non-member alike tend to focus on that lunatic fringe for spectacle value.  Most Bronies are fairly normal people that enjoy watching a particular cartoon, and don’t drive around in a black van with “FREE CANDY” spray painted on the side or some such.  By and large, they’re interested in the show in spite of its intended audience- not because of it.

      As hobbies go, MLP fandom seems pretty harmless.  Given the choice, I’d rather have a (theoretical) sitter that likes watching pastel ponies over, for example, one that enjoys watching scantily clan teenagers get brutally murdered by psycho killers at the movies, or swoons over dysfunctional sparkly vampires, or gets drunk and obsesses over big men in tight pants fighting over a leather ball every Monday night.  Every fandom can be viewed as twisted and aberrant from the outside, if you’re so inclined.

      • Culturedropout says:

        Thank you.  I don’t consider myself a “bronie,” but the whole thing strikes me as pretty sweet and harmless.  There are roughly 10^10 things in the world that would be more appropriate to be concerned about, IMNSHO

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Why do I have the feeling that your preteen children could teach you all kinds of things?

      • BBNinja says:

        About?  I’m afraid that despite numerous attempts to broaden their cultural base they rarely stray past the Disney Channel and Nick although my youngest daughter 5, does yell excitedly when Psych is on. “Daddy! Daddy! Psych is on tee-bee!”

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          The child thing is an act. When you’re not in the room, they’re photoshopping Justin Bieber’s head onto Ron Jeremy’s body and sending the pics to Lady Gaga.

  8. Ah, Shrinkle was there! she’s my favorite.

  9. Don’t say “very fun”

    • TooGoodToCheck says:

      why not?

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      I was at the event and I think “very fun” is a great way to describe the atmosphere there on Saturday.

      • You might say it was quite fun, or a lot of fun.

        How much fun did you have?


        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          You do realize that ‘fun’ is an adjective as well as a noun? Apparently not.

          • Yes I do realise this, it doesn’t mean I have to like it!

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            Don’t worry; I was just funning you.

          • To be honest, I’m surprised some linguistics student hasn’t said “language changes” at me, 

            They love to say that, somehow missing the point that it changes with people complaining about it, if few enough people complain, it changes to something less formal, if the bulk of people complain, I would think it would stay more formal.

            For some reason they think language changes without any debate about it during the changes.

            Language is  “so fun” he said sarcastically. 

          • Ipo says:

            Michael Dawson
            some linguistics student hasn’t said that to you. 
            He has also not flung poop at you. 

        • solstone says:

           Your own example is full of fail:

          How much fun did you have?


          And just for good measure:

          How do you comfort a grammar nazi?

          With a pat on the shoulder, saying “There, their, they’re…”

  10. License Farm says:

    Great work, Sarina! Welcome to the family business! We look forward to whatever other wonderful things you bring to our attention.
    Were any of the voice actors from MLP:FIM in attendance at this show? Or the director who’s now also doing “Super BFFs” for the DC Nation bloc on Cartoon Network? (Nope, not a brony; just an animation nerd.)

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