Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Spoonin' Rap, and the Treacherous Three

By Ed Piskor

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Published 4:11 pm Tue, May 8, 2012


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8 Responses to “Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Spoonin' Rap, and the Treacherous Three”

  1. I swear there used to be a clickable version of “Our story thus far”.

  2. jarmstrong says:

    Continued great work, Ed.  While I also hope and yearn for the comic book edition, I have a singular hope to see the animated version.

    And thank you for the wonderful rendition of the Beastie Boys.  I’d like to think MCA has now kicked off his shoes and relaxed his socks before starting it all up again.

  3. ill lich says:

    Yauch is rhyming with Jam Master Jay now.

  4. Dj Magos says:

    Are you still selling prints of the strips?

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