Leather "Batman" mask


11 Responses to “Leather "Batman" mask”

  1. Jason says:


    She already beat Batman to the leather mask idea

  2. Ken Wheaton says:

    “Alfred” is the safety word.

  3. sam1148 says:

    I sometimes think Cory must throw fantastic parties, I soon expect a full leather Mickey Mouse fetish mask with a Pluto Dog Collar and leash—just don’t eat the bananas.

  4. bo_burger says:

    errr…that’d be 1930s Batman. (Batman was created in 1939)

    • Smash Martian says:

      Must be Kaiser Bill’s Batman then.

      • Rich Keller says:

        Nein… Wilhelm II abdicated in 1918. It could be a Big Daddy mask for a re-imagining of Kick-Ass set during the Prohibition Era, which sounds pretty cool, now that I think about it.

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