Stating the obvious


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Don’t you have to defeat the ghost of Jim Morrison in single combat to be crowned the lizard king?

  2. Alan says:

    I hope he has an appropriate tattoo to go with it.

  3. funkyderek says:

    Tyler Gold is a pretty cool name – a lot cooler than, say, Derek Walsh. But Tyrannosaurus Rex Gold is over-egging the cake a little. If anyone ever asks, “Wow, how did you get such a cool name?”, his answer: “I gave it to myself and submitted the appropriate paperwork to the government” will remove any trace of cool the name might have given him.

    • Derek Walsh is a great name – much better than, say, Gabriel Nagmay.

      • funkyderek says:

         That’s an awesome name. Your first name is Gay and your surname is an anagram of “gay man”. As long as you’re gay, that’s the coolest name you could have.

    • chenille says:

      You can put a pretty good spin on the filing cost, though: They don’t call me Tyrannosaurus Rex for nothing.

    • penguinchris says:

      I don’t agree that Tyler Gold is a cool name. I guess I just don’t like the name “Tyler” – so I can empathize with him for changing it to T-Rex. Gold could be a cool last name if paired with the right first name.

      Unfortunately, Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold doesn’t really work either. T-Rex Gold, maybe. 

  4. planettom says:

    Suggestions if he has kids:
    Solid Gold
    Booster Gold

  5. I know a guy who had his name changed to Captain Hook Popemobile McLain

  6. Lobster says:

    Now he needs to find a lovely lady named Dromiceiomimus to hit on/discuss linguistics with.

  7. Noam DePlume says:

    Conveniently, people can still call him “Ty” (if they originally did, and he’s cool with it). 

  8. Ipo says:

    Name translated:  Tyrant lizard king increases gold. 

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