Train horn attached to bicycle

201205080943 [Video Link] This fellow attached a train horn -- powered by compressed air in a scuba tank -- to his bicycle.

Honk And I'll Kill You: Train Horn Attached To Bicycle


  1. At least *he* is wearing the necessary ear protection. Pity his poor victims. 

  2. Good thing he has that big horn and huge tank so he can warn people that he can’t control his bike really well because it’s got a big horn and a huge tank on it :)

  3. I’ve genuinely wanted to do that to my Yaris since I bought the thing. Toyota put a goofy “cute”  horn on the thing and no one takes me seriously when I use it. 

    But a train horn? That’s about as close to a brown note as I think we’ll ever get. 

    1.  We have a redneck in town with a train horn on his truck.  Funny thing is that this yahoo likes to talk all the time, too.  Hey, Rodney!

    1.  We already did…oh wait, I keep forgetting I live in Brooklyn, a.k.a. dirty Portland. And all the train horns are on tricked out Hondas, and they’re annoying as all get out (brooklyneers don’t have brakes, they have horns), but other than that yeah. Same thing.

  4. Cool beans for the war of cars vs. bikes. But for once, the video was too short.

    1. As always, it’s really bikes vs. pedestrians, cars, public transit and everyone else.

          1. Oh gee. Cry me a river.

            That’s a perfectly understandable reaction to car-based insanity.

            I don’t see you decrying the epic carnage, massive environmental cost, waste of resources, and community-destroying dynamic of car reliance.

            But it’s cyclists who are the anti-social ones. Riiight.

    2. It looks like he rode it down the street just one or two blocks and his friend with the video camera was trying to be discreet (not sure why considering the horn). They probably don’t have any more video and are too afraid/embarrassed to go out and do it again.

  5. couldn’t he just use one of those little compressed air cans with the horn? The ones that people take to a game. Much smaller.  Watching the teenagers cruise around on Georgia st. in Vancouver one late night, some guys rounded the corner with some kind of old Fire truck, equipped with a foghorn. THat got your attention. Moments later  I overheard a cop telling them – where do I start, there is just so many things that are a problem here. They didn’t get very far.

    1. I put a air-compression horn on my bike using a bottle. I only use it when cars try to run my  bicycle off the road.

    2. Not really.  You need a VOLUME of air to run those horns.  You just can’t get enough volume through the tiny 1mm opening in a compressed air can to make those horns even vibrate.  pressure alone won’t do it.  Those horns probably go through the amount of air that’s in one of those little cans in less than a second.

      If you want a compressed air horn on a bike, there’s already a commercial product called the AirZound. It works pretty well but is useless in cold temps, it stops working around 32*F so I can’t use mine for several months out of the year. that’s why I’ve switched to a 12V car horn.

      1. They’re great when they work, but they kinda suck if you expect them to actually work at any given moment. I ended up throwing mine away a while back. I really should cobble together an electronic system of some sort, especially since I’m already turning a dynamo.

    3. Those massive horns use an amazing volume of air to rip off a toot. One of those small cans would be good for one blast at best. Physics, who knew?

  6. you can get a much more manageable but still 115 dB horn for a lot cheaper.
    Actually a useful thing, compared to this.
    search for “airzound”

    1. I have one of those, it’s AWESOME.  Avoid iffy situations when biking but it’s great to have the power to be heard if you haven’t been seen.  It has saved me from getting hit by a bus and a few taxis, and it stopped a charging dog in its tracks once.  A must-have safety device for any cyclist.

  7. When pedestrians complain about cyclists being dicks, they can now add this guy to the list.

    1. And they can add it via texting on their phone while they’re crossing the street against the red and wondering why they almost got hit by a bike or a car.

      1. Get hit by a bike or car while crossing the street without looking: your fault.
        Get hit by a bike or car while leaping off the path in terror because some idiot just sounded a train horn right behind you: not your fault.

          1. Although you did kind of make my point for me; it’s common to pick out the faults of a minority and extend them to the group as a whole, as you just did with pedestrians, and as the pedestrians who see this will do with cyclists.

          2. I don’t know.  A guy died here a few decades back because an earthquake woke him up and he ran straight out a window.

  8. I have substantial hearing loss because I was next to a locomotive horn. Unexpected things cause drivers to make mistakes. He has very poor control over that bicycle. How has he not been hauled off the road as a serious danger?

  9. There’s also no reason that scuba tank couldn’t be hooked up to something like a paintball gun delivering 1/2″ ball bearings at 1000 fps.

    1. Most paintball guns fire in the range of 280 fps. I used to play at 300. I have no idea what kind of pressures would be involved to get a gun up to 1000fps, but it’s probably not safe, even if you aren’t on the receiving end of the barrel.

      1. Based on my very limited play experience, anything shooting over 300 fps gets you pulled off the field, as it’s not safe. I wouldn’t want to imagine shooting paintballs at 1000, let alone ball bearings. Something would likely blow long before you got to 1000, though.

      2. Perhaps you missed the part about “ball bearings” and not wimpy ass paint balls. If you’re launching ball bearings at 100o fps who is worried about safety? Sounds pretty effective to me! Where do I sign up?

    2. You can get .45 caliber 730fps airguns. Sam Yang of Korea makes them. (Single shot, though. 200grain/13gram bullets. 236ft-lb. = 321J muzzle energy, about 57% the energy of a .45 pistol round, with a gun that is 107cm long and weighs 3.3kg )

    3.  The FPS projected from something like a paintball marker has a lot of variable to say how fast it will travel. The size of the object, the amount of pressure pushing the bolt, the regulated pressure that marker can handle before it blows o-rings, etc.

      With that being said – a paintball marker typically operates at around 200 PSI internal pressure to the solenoid to achieve a velocity around 280 FPS. No standard paintball solenoid is going to allow you to raise the PSI high enough to achieve 1000 FPS. The solenoid would immediately start to leak as soon as the pressure got even close to 300 PSI – additionally the regulator of the marker would blow o-rings also. With this all said the highest PSI most paintball tanks reach with an HPA regulator is around 800 PSI output which is why the regulator is there to lower the operating pressure of the marker. The regulator will not allow you to turn the PSI high enough to allow all 800 PSI into the marker – I’d be surprised if you could even get to 350 PSI before the regulator would either shoot the regulator pin out the bottom and immediately leak all air out of the tank at a high rate or you would hit the C clip the keeps the pin from coming out but still not achieving the needed PSI.

  10. Trouble here is he’s just another douche that thinks horns are for -more- than indicating imminent danger or threat thereof, which is wrong. Horns are for indicating imminent danger or threat thereof alone.

    They really aren’t for saying “Hi”, threatening pedestrians/bikes/other cars when your vehicle is stopped, expressing indignation, penis replacement or enhancement, joyful jubilation, frustration at your situation or another’s, courting women/men on the sidewalk or in other vehicles, or any of the other myriad uses that it may seem to have if you were to follow the examples above employed by many diverse turd whisperers.

    I own a few custom rides, all of which are superior to that Goof’s ride, all of mine are superior in function whether it is bicycling or penis replacement/enhancement.

    1. Famously translation from brochure of car’s rental firm in Tokyo: 
      “When passenger of foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet him melodiously at first, but if he still obstacles your passage then tootle him with vigor.”

  11. Did anyone besides myself notice the “Me so horny” tag line on his bike frame. I chuckled. I think while it’s cool, it’s probably a good way to get arrested.

  12. Whole lotta grumpy Gusses in this thread.  The bike is awesome in its ridiculousness, and if you don’t think so you need a sensayuma transplant.

  13. Whole lotta grumpy Gusses in this thread.  The bike is awesome in its ridiculousness, and if you don’t think so you need a sensayuma transplant.

  14. I got a set of shocker 4 train horns on my Scion tC. They’re hidden under the back bumper and hooked up to a 200 PSI corsair compressor with a 5 gallon tank to for air. You get a very deep and ground shaking sound out of those horns and pretty impressive on how long you can keep the blast going. Amazing amount of fun but require a lot of responsibility to use properly.

    1. Never use on old people.
    2. Never use where there is a possibility to cause an accident.
    3. Never use around animals.

    I find the most fun place to use them is when rail road crossings are occurring. Its fun when all the cars are at a stop waiting for a train to slowly pass with the conductor outside of his window letting his horn go to signal he is passing. Then you slam your train horn and his head goes flailing in all directions looking for the train. After about 4 times he finally figures out its coming from a car and most the traffic gets a pretty good show and laugh.

    The other good uses are when a fucking moron cuts across traffic infront of you and you teach him a lesson to look next time or it may just be a train that crushes him into small tiny little pieces.

    I feel when used properly its a great tool for fun and teaching.

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