2600 Magazine needs your surveillance images

Emmanuel Goldstein from 2600 magazine writes, "We've begun work on the 2013 Hacker Calendar after a really good response to the 2012 edition. This time the theme is surveillance, something near and dear to all of us. We're looking for ideas for calendar photos that capture some of the surveillance technology that's so pervasive - cameras, sensors, microphones, and a whole lot more. We have a team of photographers ready to capture all kinds of images of the watchers. Anyone who knows of particularly egregious, ironic, frightening, or silly examples of surveillance that we can photograph, please send an email to calendar@2600.com. (We're also looking to document some of the historical hacker-related events that took place in the past year so we can mark those on the next edition.)" (Thanks, Emannuel!)


  1. Emmanuel Goldstein? surveillance pictures?
    Seriously – Is this some sort of elaborate joke? 

  2. How about a crowd-sourced map of the locations of surveillance cameras?  Its location would also have its picture and maybe some inticator of where it’s pointing.  I’ve tried to build this a couple times, but my code-fu is not up to the task.

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