Taxi Driver goes to Disneyland

Byran Boyce takes Robert Di Niro to Disneyland in "Walt Disney's Taxi Driver":

According to Boyce this is a trailer for Walt Disney’s re-imagineering of Martin Scorsese’s classic film “Taxi Driver”. It follows Mickey Mouse-obsessed Travis Bickle as he looks for love in a rapidly transforming New York City.

New Mashup: Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver


  1. After reading the little content that he had about the horror film that would be if Disney was to try to interact that film. I have seen that that film and let’s just say I I know the point that he is getting across. I have not only seen most of the films that that Disney has created, but I also have done some research about the thoughts of the American way that Walt shows. It’s as if Disney could show the “Taxi Driver” and get away with the discrimination that they already do. 

  2. This is so weird, because I just got a used copy of Taxi Driver and watched it this past week, and I’d forgotten how much empathy Scorsese and De Niro created for Travis Bickle–at times, he seems as lost and forlorn as Wall-E.  This leaves one wondering whether modern Disney would even really want to acknowledge their mascot playing with another cartoon animal’s nipples, or whether Bickle would welcome the sanitized Times Square (and having to go back to his ratty apartment, which he could now barely afford on a taxi driver’s wages, to watch his porn on a secondhand laptop), or whether he’d want to roll things back to the way they were thirty-five or so years ago.

  3. Call me Captain Obvious, but I think it’s great how his sanitized Disney 42nd st is pretty true to how it is now.

  4. Brilliant!!!  And I didn’t even have the sound on.

    Highlight:  “Travis”  written in gold marker on the back of his mouse ears………

  5. Wow, that’s up there with “Requiem for a Toy Story” for being both beautifully executed and just a little disturbing.

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