Mile-high filmmaking club: Virgin America produces first ever feature film shot entirely in-flight

[Video Link]. Virgin America, the airline on which you can watch Boing Boing's very own television channel with our hand-picked videos, is producing the "first-ever film made at 35,000 feet,"— Departure Date. Photography took place on Virgin airplanes and covered "3 continents, 28,000 miles, and 20 hours of in-flight shooting."

Departure Date was written and directed by award-winning writer and director Kat Coiro (L!fe Happens, While We Were Here and A Case of You) and stars Ben Feldman (Mad Men), Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass), Philip Baker Hall, Luis Guzmán, Janeane Garofalo and Max Brown.

Trailer above. Eventually, you'll be able to watch it in entirety on the in-flight TV system... when you're not busy watching Boing Boing's channel (#10), that is!


  1. The fact that the trailer focuses more on the gimmick of filming entirely on planes (and b-level star-studded cast) more than the actual story doesn’t exactly make me want to rush out and buy a Virgin Air ticket to see it.

  2. Aircraft with real paying passengers, or did they commandeer a private aircraft for this? As a paying customer I would have been somewhat miffed by the shoot – especially if I were trying to get some sleep. If they commandeered their own aircraft for the duration of the filming, it seems somewhat environmentally unfriendly to me..

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