Walking Dead title sequence as a 1980s sitcom


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  1. gothicgeek says:

    Crappy link to some poxy advert :(

    Then it works :)

    • DewiMorgan says:

      People always complain that this stuff has ads. But I never see the ads.

      I suspect these people either run IE, or don’t run AdBlock. That’s OK, I won’t evangelise. I *like* that rubes are funding my internet habit.

      • Capital_7 says:

         I don’t run adblock for two reasons: I sometimes work in advertising and I like seeing some ads, and I recognize that ads pay for content, and while there is no direct link between my wallet and most advertisers,  I just allow them to display as a link to solidarity.  I know, it’s all in my head, but there it is.

        However, ads like the one that just plays itself over this video- an ad you cannot shut off or navigate around, mind you- are the single best way to persuade me to never, ever use, read or watch whatever product they’re hawking.  Screw that.  Ditto any video that self starts 0nce a page is open.  It’s a sleazy and disruptive way to get a message to potential consumers, and the people who commission or create those ads are the worst kind of garbage.

      • Matt Owen says:

        I run Chrome, and Firefox, And Opera, And Adblock.

        Ads on all. One for McDonalds. One for Alpro. Once the ad begins you can’t turn it off, or turn down the volume (helpfully set TO MAX). Click the ad and you’ll be taken to a full screen version. FUCK EVERTHING ABOUT PRE-ROLL ADS. 

  2. gothicgeek says:

    Crappy link to some poxy advert :(

    Then it works :)

  3. Capital_7 says:

    That intrusive ad wrecked it for me. I hope someone uploads it to youtube or vimeo. 

  4. tosh says:

    guest starring “well zombie” lolz

  5. tosh says:

    guest starring “well zombie” lolz

  6. Jack Nymus says:

    I especially like the happy, friendly stare from Shane as he puts a necklace of zombie ears around his neck.

  7. Scratcheee says:

    Sorry, I feel obligated to post this link to The Shining Recut.

  8. ddh819 says:

    someone please link to an episode of the walking dead with a laugh track.

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