Fishbowl bras offer alternative cooling in Japan's summer heat, now that all nuclear power plants are shut down


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  1. caseyd says:

    Pipe == Saki Delivery tool

  2. caseyd says:

    there was an effort for peer-data energy management via smartphones, I wonder what happened to that.

  3. foobar says:

    I kind of expected there to be live fish in them. Because Japan.

  4. Bink Binkerson says:

    The TSA would just love the extra screening these would require.

  5. Those look awfully plastic-y. I hope they’re at least lined with something that’s breathable.

    • I’m sure the heat and sweat from the plastic would far outweigh the heat sink properties of the oil suspending the novelty fish.

      I’m guessing they’re desperately looking for a selling point – perhaps the market for novelty fish bras was smaller than they hoped.

  6. Beth Z says:

    Pretty sure the ‘pipe’ is a ladle similar to those seen outside most temples and shrines in Japan. There’s always a fountain or pool and you’re supposed to ladle water to rinse your hands and/or your mouth out to ‘purify’ yourself before you pray. So the ladle is there to show cleanliness and coolness– at least, that would be my guess.

  7. 9illy says:

    Man, I want that! I’ve got some of those gel-filled “adds 2 cups”  push-up bras and they’re super hot and sweaty! Stinky sweat-boobs hidden under 2 full cup-sizes of gel. Now if mine were filled with special cooling gel…

    I also like the wide band—eliminating back-fat bulge! Not sure about the plasticy upper part, or the dangly charm thing in the middle

  8. Zod says:

    This would never work in the USA. Our women have bigger boobs!

  9. cdh1971 says:

    Uh….are these offered in an ah…male cup version?… I’m….asking for a friend…

  10. Jana Aleman says:

    Forget the bra, I totally want that super comfortable-looking wooden skirt.

  11. Nice bamboo screen skirt (to keep them lovely lady legs in the shade)and wind chime to.. umm.. give you a jingle in your step. Classy Japan. I will keep an eye for these in Kyoto. (excuse)

  12. Reminds me of one of the things that fried my adolescent brain: the description of Arnold Rimmer’s artificial reality nightmare wife in one of the Red Dwarf books.

    At a posh cocktail soiree the gorgeous, leggy Brazilian woman was said to be wearing glass shoes,a red belt and a transparent plastic brassier which housed two live goldfish that couldn’t be persuaded to stay in one spot covering her nipples. And nothing else.The reason this was a nightmare for Rimmer was he was paralysingly beset by the belief that she was too good and attractive for him.

  13. Graeme Job says:

    I too was expecting actual fish bowls and live fish. Somewhat disappointed… Quick, Internet! Make it so!

  14. Lauren Ruff says:

    Just for everyone’s note – these are not for sale nor are the intended to be Triumph has ‘concept bras’ every year. Last year’s bra was some kind of marriage kit.

  15. etherist says:

    Could it be a bubble pipe?  For soap bubbles?

  16. dainel says:

    Does it work better if you keep them in the freezer when not in use?

  17. mudpup says:

    Hope these young ladies were well paid to be beautiful props for such a silly product.

  18. mudpup says:

    Hope these young ladies were well paid to be beautiful props for such a silly product.

  19. MissCellania says:

    Make these actually work, and you’d sell a ton to those of us with frequent hot flashes. You can leave the decorations off. 

  20. irksome says:

    Jeez, I love my motorcycle but this market expansion thing HAS to stop somewhere.

  21. Complex Confusion says:

    The pipe is because she’s Pop-Eye the Sailor Woman.

  22. Tom says:

    Japan truly is responsible for a large proportion of weird shit in the world.

  23. bratgirl says:

    That is one fugly bra, no matter how “cool” its supposed to make you.

  24. IndexMe says:

    Original article:
    (Pink Tantei means Pink Detective)This is Triumph a Japanese lingerie manufacturer. This page shows the funny costumes they announce each year. It’s a gag. The skirts are summer bamboo curtains and mosquito nets.. the glass chime has a mint leaf, they are holding mini fan and temple ladle (you wash your hands under cool water), etc. However Triumph does appear to have eminently useful summer products – the cool sensation page shows they use a special material that transfers heat away from the bust to make you feel cool. They have a good sense of humor (or is it serious?) though, with their “breast sweat weather report”. Online shop is here:

  25. Funk Daddy says:

    No WPB will work under those conditions. No wicking material available would work under those conditions. No, those cannot work as heat dispersion without gale force winds directly onto the surface of the bra.

    There are some very sweaty titties under those if worn for more than 10 minutes, and they would make the wearer feel warmer, not cooler.

    But they aren’t intended to work, they are intended to sell. 

    You are welcome for the sweaty tits if that was a good image for you. I’m feeling ambivalent about it myself.

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