Happy Feynmaneve!

Tomorrow would have been the 94th birthday of one of the most influential physicists in American history.

Tonight: We play the bongos.

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Via Paul Halpern


      1. oh yeah that guy.  not so hot now. crap. the problems of having a crush on an archetype

  1. I always imagine some Queens NY talent scout in the mid-1930’s telling a young Feynman that, although good, he’d never be a great bongo player, and he should stick with his day job.  A disheartened Feynman slinks off sadly to slum it as a quantum physicist, forever dreaming of rolling tempos, never quite satisfied with merely unravelling the secrets of electrodynamics and superfluidity.

      1. Yeah, I know, but that’s why I merely imagine it.  In reality, he was devoted to higher math and science from a very early age, but why let the truth get in the way of a nice personal fantasy?

  2. I remember watching this on PBS back in the 80’s. The last decade when science and engineering meant “go” and not “stop” like it does now. We’ve let a lot go, and degraded an awful lot since then. I know it started in the 70’s but they way the Left ruined education and the way the Right never liked an educated populace and confuses propaganda for education we’ve really let ourselves go.  Americans are not as educated or optimistic as we once were and our leadership class has degraded into a band of crooks.

    1. “they way the Left ruined education”


      Also, the leadership class has ALWAYS been a band of crooks. No matter how many good men (and occasionally, good women) have temporarily entered their ranks.

  3. Much of science is derivative of what is already known. And that’s good. But when someone like Feynman pulls a new idea out of the air, we gasp in amazement. 

      1. Ha – not sure how to pull that off w/ bricks, but will consider for next year’s! :D

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