Minecraft heads to consoles


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  1. nowimnothing says:

    ehh, good for mojang but I can only imagine the block placement would be a headache with a controller. Also no mods.

  2. RaidenDaigo says:

    That is only one console, and one that I do not play. Le sigh.

  3. I’m pretty stoked about this because it fixes what i find most annoying about the game. There is no method for local hosting on the PC which makes playing with friends dependent on having someone with the technical expertise to set up a server, with this my friends and i can simply play split screen.

  4. Bill Walsh says:

    Is there a point to the game yet?

    • Benjamin Terry says:

      With any sandbox style game, you must make your own goals.  It is like the Sims or Real Life in that way.  Even MMOs like Eve Online or Second Life have this in their way.  Ultimately, what is the point of doing anything?  It’s kind of an Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic thing.

    • ddh819 says:

      is there a point to any game, you could ask.

    • There is, in fact! You can now play it as a pretty much straight-up RPG if you please, gaining experience and hunting down strongholds which ultimately allow access to a final region. There’s even an ending screen with a narrative!

      • nowimnothing says:

        Given how difficult it is to get to that end, much less beat it, I would put that more in the realm of something just for completists or grinding masochists. 

    • joeposts says:

      The game has gotten quite a bit deeper, compared to the early betas. I stopped playing for several months and recently started again – after DLing all the updates it’s a different experience.

    • grimc says:

      Trying to stop.

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