Navy: sonar and explosion tests may be harming dolphins, whales


5 Responses to “Navy: sonar and explosion tests may be harming dolphins, whales”

  1. Frank Diekman says:

    Who could have forseen that explosions would be harmful to wildlife?

  2. Keith Tyler says:

    Man, I read that in high school.

    I told my physics teacher about it. She rolled her eyes. “Where’d you get that from?” On a computer system (FidoNet, actually), I said. She rolled them back and pooh-poohed the source. “Oh, not that stuff!”

    So, and, Mrs. Gilmor.

  3. paulcarcosa says:

    If they kill 200 individuals (their number), how many do they wound and cripple?

  4. dentarthurdent says:

    fuck you darfin and fuck you whale

  5. dainel says:

    Go, go, go. Kill more dolphins.

    (I’m posting this on behalf of the mackerels …)

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