3D printed chess set whose pieces form a "Chess Giant"

Cymon (AKA Joe) won the Tinkercad Chess Set Design contest with his design for Action #Chess, whose pieces can be assembled into a Chess Giant. He's documenting the 3D output of his darling on his MakerBot blog.

Action Chess By Cymon: It Works!


  1. Curious. When I passed the link for this page to friends, I (as usual) stripped off everything from the ? on in the URL bar. So it ends as “.html”, as one would expect. But that link doesn’t work. Which (to put on my “standards purist”  hat), is a violation of HTTP.

    Hmmm. No, it appears to be something Google Reader did. Nevermind!

  2. And so the White and Black Kings have decided to end their struggle once and for all in the only way it ever could.

    1. Polygamous robotic fornication. I like to use that for conflict resolution myself.

  3. One strategy would be to intentionally lose pieces and form ChessBot on the sidelines. 

    I would be so very good at that.

    1. The problem is you have to lose ALL of your pieces except your king. Which is hard to do.

      1. Naw, you build your ‘bot from your opponent’s pieces. An added incentive not to give up any piece.

        1. I’d always played it like a last ditch desperation move that’s high risk but also high payoff. After all how often do you have JUST a king left?

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