3D printed chess set whose pieces form a "Chess Giant"


17 Responses to “3D printed chess set whose pieces form a "Chess Giant"”

  1. Grahamers2002 says:

    You nostalgia, you lose!

  2. Gordon McMillan says:

    Curious. When I passed the link for this page to friends, I (as usual) stripped off everything from the ? on in the URL bar. So it ends as “.html”, as one would expect. But that link doesn’t work. Which (to put on my “standards purist”  hat), is a violation of HTTP.

    Hmmm. No, it appears to be something Google Reader did. Nevermind!

  3. Brander Roullett says:

    +1 for being awesome.

  4. Andrew Singleton says:

    And so the White and Black Kings have decided to end their struggle once and for all in the only way it ever could.

  5. Senor Schaffer says:

    One strategy would be to intentionally lose pieces and form ChessBot on the sidelines. 

    I would be so very good at that.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      The problem is you have to lose ALL of your pieces except your king. Which is hard to do.

      • Mantissa128 says:

        Naw, you build your ‘bot from your opponent’s pieces. An added incentive not to give up any piece.

        • Andrew Singleton says:

          I’d always played it like a last ditch desperation move that’s high risk but also high payoff. After all how often do you have JUST a king left?

  6. Chris Ingram says:

    Shut up and take my money..

  7. habbi1974 says:

    render much…?

  8. beepbeep says:

    Wondrous!  Chess meets Clive Barker’s ‘In the Hills, the Cities’

  9. Aveion Jones says:

    you have taken chess to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

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