Beautiful 1919 Poe illustrations by Harry Clarke

Harry Clarke's 1919 illustrations for Poe's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" are absolutely wonderful, some of the best Poe interpretations this diehard Poefan has seen. 50Watts has them at super-hi-rez, too. Looks like you can buy a 2008 facsimile edition for about $26.

Harry Clarke, Illustrations for E. A. Poe (via How to Be a Retronaut)


  1. This was the first Poe book I ever owned, a slightly moldy copy that my grandma had used to teach 8th grade English back in the day.

  2. Wonderful illustrations and clearly owing a great debt to Aubrey Beardsley, stylistically speaking.

  3. Mm. There was an old book of my Dad’s lying around the house when I was growing up — an Everyman’s Library reprint of Goethe’s Faust, with illustrations by Clarke that are, if anything, even more grotesque and otherworldly than anything he did for the Poe. Freaked me right out, as a kid.

    Interesting guy, Harry Clarke. Drawing was sort of a sideline for him — his primary medium (or at least his favorite) was stained glass.

  4. I have the original book… it was my grandmother’s. I remember many rainy Sundays curled up on her couch reading 

    “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” Just looking through it brings back wonderful memories!

  5. For UK people they sell a nice big hardback of Poe’s stories with these illustrations in The Works.

  6. The illustration for The Premature Burial that’s posted over at Retronaut still gives me chills.

  7. People say “oh it may be after Beardsley / Klimt”, i feel it’s the flavour of the general art nouveau era. The “cellular character of the drawing definitely reminds me of nowadays French artist Fred Deux.

    1. ‘Ambrose Bierce’, and no, Poe didn’t disappear, but his death was somewhat mysterious. A novel, ‘The Poe Shadow‘ was published recently on this subject.

      I have a 1970s reprint of the Harry Clarke book- there seem to be plenty of these around, and they’re about one thousandth of the price of the 1919 edition.

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