HOWTO make waffle-shaped jello shots

The JSTK Blog has an eye-catching formula for making jello vodka shots in a waffle-iron, resulting in some awfully weird-looking booze-delivery biscuits.

Anyway, we prepared two versions of our jelly waffles, one blueberry, and one classic (i.e., no blueberry). Both are based on the lovely cocktail from LA's Harvard & Stone. Here's a link to their fun video which showcases three fab cocktails. (I'm pitching the video because I'm really hoping that H&S' Raul will let me borrow his rad pink and white striped tank top. Check it out. It's awfully cute and I have just the outfit for it. BTW, I tested their cocktail out at home, and declare it delicious enough for any hour of the day ...)

Waffle Jelly Shots (via Neatorama)


    1. gonna gonna goonna get you drunk, get get you drunk, drunk off my huuummmmm*cough blue waffles

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