HOWTO make waffle-shaped jello shots

The JSTK Blog has an eye-catching formula for making jello vodka shots in a waffle-iron, resulting in some awfully weird-looking booze-delivery biscuits.

Anyway, we prepared two versions of our jelly waffles, one blueberry, and one classic (i.e., no blueberry). Both are based on the lovely cocktail from LA's Harvard & Stone. Here's a link to their fun video which showcases three fab cocktails. (I'm pitching the video because I'm really hoping that H&S' Raul will let me borrow his rad pink and white striped tank top. Check it out. It's awfully cute and I have just the outfit for it. BTW, I tested their cocktail out at home, and declare it delicious enough for any hour of the day ...)

Waffle Jelly Shots (via Neatorama)