Human "Ingredients-List" shirt

Qwantz sends us "A shirt (done in consultation with medical professionals) that not only lists your nutritional information (including how many calories and Vitamin C you contain) but also your elemental makeup and all the cool things inside your body (one spooky skeleton, millions of kilometers of DNA, up to 800 cubic cm of warm urine in a convenient fleshy sack). DISCLOSURE: I did make the design, but I also think it's awesome."

I agree.

One Amazing Person Shirt (Thanks, Qwantz!)


    1. Overlapping sets.

      This box contains 500 grams of steel, and, hey, it also happens to contain 100 screws which could be really useful to you.

      I’m a male and also am a really cool guy.

      This post contains 248 characters and also contains 43 words.

  1. I would totally buy one that just says “One Person”. Maybe it’s my Mennonite upbringing, but I’d feel kind of like a jerk wearing a shirt overtly claiming my own awesomeness.

  2. Does it mention anywhere that 90% of cells are non-human? Hmmm?

    Didn’t think so!

    This is a fucking disgrace! Goddamned fraudsters peddling their shonky goods! Someone should do something, or something.

    1.  Actually it does state that there are more bacteria in the digestive tract than all of the human cells combined. So…

  3. “[…] about 39 million sperm cell and/or 500 thousand egg cells […]”

    Why “and/or”? Could somebody explain this to me? Are hermaphrodites able to produce both kinds of cells?

    Oh, yeah, by the way… Nice t-shirt.

  4. Morbo appreciates your nutritional labels!  Now prepare to be devoured by his mighty jaw pathetic human!

  5. Interesting. I’d like three, but I cannot find where to remove the silkscreen top part of “Contents: One Amazing Person” and to place the Nutritional Facts on the Back!

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