Memorable moments in motherhood, from 20 moms in Brooklyn


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  1. chgoliz says:

    What a great idea….I think we should do it here, too…..

    I had been going to a weekly book group at a friend’s house for years, so I kept it up after my first child was born.  A baby just lies there, right?  But something about their place — maybe the scent from the candles they used, I never could figure it out — bothered her, and each time she would get a little more insistent that she did not want to be there for very long.  Finally, one time she started wailing right away and did not calm down at all, so I looked at my friends and said “sorry, she doesn’t like being here, I don’t think we can come back anymore” and left.  Driving home, Roberta Flack’s “The First Ever I Saw Your Face” came on on the radio.  I knew, if it meant never seeing any of my friends ever again, then that’s what it would be….the kid came first, period.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Good for you. Remember when we were children and didn’t like something? That went over well.

  2. And here’s the soundtrack: ’20 Mothers’ by Julian Cope:
    Features the songs ‘Just Like Pooh Bear’ and ‘Crying Babies Sleepless Nights’

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