Memorable moments in motherhood, from 20 moms in Brooklyn

Jon Cotner from the Hairpin tells Boing Boing, "To celebrate Mother's Day, my fiancée Claire Hamilton and I talked with 20 moms during an overcast, leafy walk through Brooklyn. We asked them to describe memorable moments of their motherhood. Here's the link."


  1. What a great idea….I think we should do it here, too…..

    I had been going to a weekly book group at a friend’s house for years, so I kept it up after my first child was born.  A baby just lies there, right?  But something about their place — maybe the scent from the candles they used, I never could figure it out — bothered her, and each time she would get a little more insistent that she did not want to be there for very long.  Finally, one time she started wailing right away and did not calm down at all, so I looked at my friends and said “sorry, she doesn’t like being here, I don’t think we can come back anymore” and left.  Driving home, Roberta Flack’s “The First Ever I Saw Your Face” came on on the radio.  I knew, if it meant never seeing any of my friends ever again, then that’s what it would be….the kid came first, period.

    1. Good for you. Remember when we were children and didn’t like something? That went over well.

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