Seattle library hides 1,000 books around town for young people to find

The Seattle Public Library system's annual Summer Reading Program is called Century 22: Read the Future, and is tied in with the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair. Young people are encouraged to scour the city's landmarks for 1,000 books hidden throughout town, and then to re-hide them for other kids to find. Among the books in this summer's program is my own YA novel Little Brother, which is a source of utter delight for me.


  1. I blog about banned & challenged books.  I have also done a little geocaching.  I’m having a chocolate truck/peanut butter truck collision moment here!

  2. They should hide the books in the library. Good luck finding which books are the hidden ones.

    1.  I’d have to agree with you there. Sooner or later some hysteric is going to report one of the books as a ‘suspicious package’. Cue bomb squads, mass sackings, Fox News waging its own War on Libraries, etc. etc.

  3. This doesn’t surprise me in the least because the SPL totally rules. I reserve my books from home and check them out via RFID and (frickin’) laser beams. It’s like living in the future and/or magic, depending on your grasp of the tech involved. I feel completely comfortable making the blanket generalization that all folks at the Seattle Public Library system are awesome, fun, really smart and creative.

  4. “Young people are encouraged to scour the city’s landmarks for 1,000 books hidden throughout town, and then to re-hide them for other kids to find.”

    Wait. So when do they get read?

  5. Every Night is World Book Night at the Library!!! This year the project is being done in conjunction w/ BookCrossing, which is basically this whole idea all year round, everywhere (and they have plastic bags for rainy climes).

  6. It’s all fun and games until the bomb squad detonates The Berenstain Bears.  Well, actually, that might be kind of fun too… XD

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