Tor Project on The Alyona Show

On The Alyona Show, Jacob Appelbaum talks about the Tor Project and internet anonymity.


  1. a)OMG its that guy from Little Britain.

    b) Really?!
    The  Olyona show?
    RT network, talks about net censorship?
    The russian official foreign propoganda channel is talking about dictatorship?

  2. I am following RT since 1 month ago. They are funded by Russia indeed, but their host are independent and actually excellent  journalists (Alyona, Thom Hartmann and others). Of course, their source of news is the US so they can have all the freedom they want as opposed they were giving news about Russia I guess.
    I welcome that initiative, specially after observing the panorama that the American broadcasting is in. Russia probably would benefit a lot from an RT US equivalent too.

  3. “Well, considering the history of the FBI is one of racism and violence…”  I’m fairly certain the FBI has a file on Mr. Appelbaum thicker than his head.  I mean that figuratively of course because these days  the FBI because stores everything in electronic databases.

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