Videos of Japanese trains and train toilets

This playlist from YouTube user hideyasann features more than 100 short clips of trains and train restrooms in Japan. Most of the train videos are of trains pulling into a station, or changing tracks. Most of the toilet videos emphasize the flushing mechanisms—of which there are a surprising variety.

As a rail fan, it's interesting to see what so many different Japanese stations and trains look like. And there's no narration, so it's also interesting to watch these very matter-of-fact clips and think about the visual context they trigger in your head. Men in suits waiting on a platform for a train to change tracks—that's a scene from a serious drama about the inner psychology of a businessman. A shakey clip where the videographer walks towards an arriving train, and a station agent, while breathing heavily—that's totally a scene from a horror movie. I'm honestly not sure what to make of all the toilets.

It's also kind of awesome to just think about the level of obsession that went into this playlist. I'm not really sure what hideyasann is trying to document—Train variety? Train cleanliness? Is he or she just collecting the same footage from as many trains as possible? Whatever the goal, you can clearly see the love and fascination here. There's totally a Happy Mutant at work.

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  1. It’s a fetish thing. Like car revving and exhaust, only with trains and toilet flushing.

  2. Dude…That’s way too much time from one’s lifetime to be filming toilet bowls doing their thing…Respect…

  3. I miss the old days in the USA when the train toilets emptied out onto the tracks.  Nowadays they use retaining tanks which somehow always manage to leak odor into the passenger compartment.

  4. Gone are  the days when one could video a train or in a train station without being arrested or having their equipment confiscated. 

    This is pre  9/11, right?

    1. Thankfully, not here in Japan. 
      When new trains roll up or an old one retires, the rail-boys show up with cameras and lenses a-blazin’ to capture the moment! Outlawing cameras in proximity to trains in Japan would be like slicing out a piece of the cultural soul. 

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