Energy and geo-engineering: Maggie on the radio

I'm going to be on the radio a couple of times today, talking about my book, Before the Lights Go Out, and the future of energy and climate. At 1:00 Eastern/Noon Central, you can listen to an hour-long interview with me on Minnesota Public Radio's Bright Ideas. You don't have to be in Minnesota to listen. It's streaming online. Then, about 2:10 Eastern/1:10 Central, I'll be on "To the Point", talking about climate, energy, and geo-engineering. Climate scientist Ken Caldiera will also be on that show and he's a great speaker. That will be online, as well.


  1. I think there is an argumen to be made that, in the Gaian sense, we are terraformers.

    I just don’t happen to believe we’re supposed to start here. 

  2. I really do wonder if the BB shop is context sensitive. One of the products it presented me with is the global warming cup.

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