FAQ postcard distributed by the guy who played Biff in Back to the Future


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  1. royaltrux says:

    Stop asking him the questions!
    Here’s his musical version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwY5o2fsG7Y

  2. Twink says:

    I used to laugh at people who thought the hoverboard was real. Now I feel like the fool for being tricked by the fake dung.

  3. Sagodjur says:

    I’d rather ask what Mark Hamill is like.

  4. jake king says:

    He didn’t say if he is also the guy from Madness.

  5. Øyvind says:

    Tom Wilson is by all (or most) accounts a really nice guy, so I’m sure he’s open to people just wanting to speak to him too.

  6. I remember seeing him in the “outtakes” section of the BTTF DVD set my husband bought – he was so sweet and goofy. After watching three movies in a row with Tom Wilson as Biff, seeing him as a normal, funny guy was such an odd juxtaposition.

  7. Timothy Krause says:

    I wonder, though, how many of the fans who approach him with these questions ask them because they really care about the answer, and how many are using the questions as a conversational gambit, and really just want to speak briefly with him because they admire his work?

    That’s rather the point, the long, disconnected infodump on the card the perfect tonal equivalent of a trufan’s obsessiveness, a casual fan’s trite questions, and a polite non-fan’s uninterest. I love its studied vapidity, its breathy fullness, its helpful dullness. Quite an artful card, whether as a way to communicate or to say “fuck off, don’t bother me.”

  8. Cocomaan says:

    Wow, he coined the term butthead? That’s the most impressive thing on his resume, IMO, hah!

  9. Bill Walsh says:

    Then I walk up and just drill him with Wing Commander questions.

  10. ocatagon says:

    Tom Wilson’s performance in the second film pretty much carried the whole movie.  He played five different Biffs, each with very specific characterizations and each completely different. He’s the only reason I still watch that film, and he’s a highly underrated performer.

  11. waetherman says:

    I find it curious that so many people want to know whether Tom thinks that love or material possessions are more important, but I’m glad he answered the question.

  12. Tedhealey says:

    His podcast “BIG POP FUN” is pretty epic too.

  13. Stephen Anderson says:

    According to Google’s N-gram viewer, “Butthead” was first used around the 1860′s. Its meager popularity died off quickly (maybe at the OK Corall) and indeed “Butthead” has a major resurgence in 1980′s. Buttheads are currently in decline.  How far back in time did BTTF III travel?


    • evanplus says:

      it’s pretty clear from the context that he means he *improvised* the line, not that he was the first person to ever use the term.

      • Kimmo says:

        I disagree; that’s not what the term coined is for.

        I’d guess his exact meaning was that he made it up, in that he’d never heard it before, but wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn it isn’t original.

        In same sense I could say I coined the term fuckstain, but it’s not as if I imagine I’m the first.

  14. TheBehinder says:

    He made a great teacher in Freaks and Geeks too.

  15. mccrum says:

    I’ve found that if you need a conversational gambit to get the conversation started, you’re pretty much just wasting everyone’s time on other questions instead of getting to what you’re there for.

    “I thought you were great, can I have an autograph?” is much better than a ten minute conversation you fake your way through before getting to that.

  16. Glen Able says:

     It’ll soon be 2015, the year in which the second film was set.  1985 will be the distant past – the same 30 years in the past that Marty travelled in the first film.

    Also, when are those lazy scientists going to build me a hoverboard?

    • mccrum says:

       Oh, they have them, but that jerk Peterson won’t let the damn things out of beta until he can master a rail slide without falling on his ass.

    • Brainspore says:

      Worse, the inevitable remake in which Marty McFly (played by Jaden Smith) travels back to 1985 in a customized Tesla Roadster to perform the oldie-but-goodie “Baby Got Back” at his parents’ prom.

      • BrotherPower says:

        I want to click “Like” for how perfectly you nailed that, but I’m torn because I also want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil for the same reason.

      • Bobsyeruncle says:

        How about a female lead this time?  We can all share a chuckle when Willow Smith confuses the hell out of the 50′s kids when she whips her hair back and forth. :D

        (Yes, I am a cold cynical bastard.)

  17. Jeez, you’d think the guy would be more happy to get the attention these days. It’s not like you’re interrupting his three way conversation with rival film studios desperate to put him in their next picture.

  18. duncancreamer says:

    As a comedian, I thought that card would be funnier somehow. 

  19. Space Zombie says:

    For those who enjoyed that letter, you’ll love when he sings it.


  20. nachoproblem says:

    Stream-of-consciousness FAQ is awesome.

  21. jsmithee says:

    Tom talks about the card in this Nerdist podcast - 

    He said he loves to talk to fans and the card is fun way to get the same old questions out of the way and move on to more interesting conversation for everyone. The interview is good and recommended even if you don’t care at all about “Biff” or Back to the Future.

  22. sydnius says:

    …courier? Really Tom, courier?

  23. Kaleberg says:

    Back in the early 70s there were three very tall aeronautics and astronautics graduate students one often saw in a group, two men and a woman. One day I noticed they were all wearing tee shirts with three answers on them:

    1) 6’8″, 6’6″, 6’4″ respectively (They were tall.)
    2) The same as down there.
    3) I forgot the third question, but you should get the idea.

  24. Thad Boyd says:

    I don’t see it as dismissive at all; his answers seem gracious and sincere.  (And they’re informative!)

    From what I hear he’s a really nice guy.

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