HOWTO make a chocolate model of your brain

 Image Fbvjvwuh1Yoaqs1 Edible-Chocolate-Brain-From-Mri-Scan

Instructables contributor Inition used a 3D printer to bring his pal Andy's MRI brain scan data into a much more tangible form: a chocolate taste treat. Above is Andy eating his own brain. "Edible Chocolate Brain from MRI Scan"


    1.  Ah, I was going to post this, along with:

      WARNING: This scene is *extremely fucking disturbing* and probably should not have been linked!

  1. “This is your brain. This is your brain on chocolate. This is your brain _as_ chocolate. Any questions?”

  2. So awesome.
    So hypothetically, if I wanted an MRI or CT scan of my head for the purpose of making a 3d print of my skull just for fun + art, but I don’t have any medical need for such a scan, would that be at all possible? Anyone know if hospitals would ever allow their equipment to be used for artistic purposes?

    1. You can probably just pay up front and get an MRI. CT scans are invasive, so probably not.

  3. As a chocoholic, I just want to INSIST that the Brain in the picture is made out of “Cocoa Butter candy”, NOT chocolate! 

    White Chocolate is simply Cocoa Butter candy, your Honor! This is an OUTRAGE, I demand a fully jury trial!

    1. Yep, the real horror here is not that someone’s enjoying snacking on a brain is that that someone appears to enjoy WHITE CHOCOLATE. :(

  4. Pah! Liberal zombies pushing their agenda – and brain-eating as an acceptable lifestyle! Eating brains is a choice they make, you know.

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