Occupy this stylish biker jacket

I'm digging the look of this Occupy Wall Street khaki street jacket by EGOLOGICS on Etsy. (thanks, foslforever)


  1. Profiting off of a movement that is largely centered around the idea that attempting to create profits off of everything is a bad idea. Fantastic. Do they accept major credit cards?

    1. Yes, another mindless response to OWS!  “Occupiers can’t wear clothes. They’re from corporations.”  Sorry we can’t all be as unstuck in the system as you.

  2. What’s that? He wants to be occupied with a little fisting? As in a completely occupied orifice?

  3. The copy is so over the top- is this a gag? 
    “Stay warm on those cold nights sleeping in the street, show the corporate pigs your message on your back and protect your skin from getting maced by banker funded enforcer pigs!”

    1. Real biker? Bikers likely to do any ass-kicking are about a tenth of a percent of motorcycle riders. Most bikers are Lutheran ministers and CPAs.

      1.  possibly, but some Turbonegro fans I met got stepped-to by some dudes trying to kick their ass for wearing their Turbo Jugend jackets in their territory.  Maybe most bikers are ministers and CPAs, but there’s still enough soldiers out there to where it hardly seems worth it.

        and then, there’s the whole “cultural tourist” aspect of the design, which _should_ be enough to make it unpalatable in the first place.


      2. Bikers likely to do any ass-kicking are about a tenth of a percent of motorcycle riders

        Is the ass-kicking scene dying out, then? It was one percent in my day.

        You might be more likely to get sued, as the Hells Angels are notoriously litigious.

    1. Fidel and Raul might disagree with you on the long term effects of icons.

      1. “Went to the revolution. Picked up a t-shirt.”

        I bought a Che t-shirt. But how do I know that La Revolucion is over? Because it was on the sale rack.

    1. He’s obviously a chimney sweep.  Have you become so brainwashed by the 1% that you can’t even recognize a brother worker?

  4. The Angels are very touchy about anything that looks vaguely similar to their patches, and the font is definitely a problem

  5. This is not a biker jacket, since it’s not made of leather;  leather jackets are not a fashion statement for motorcyclists, they’re a safety feature.

  6. Wearing this could yield in serious injuries. It could be mistaken for a three piece patch with missing bottom rocker. The font and the colors resemble the Hells Angels patch.  The 99% is a persiflage of the 1% patch of an “outlaw” club. So if you meet some good mooded member, you propably only get laughed at and have to put it of. But if you meet some 1%ers in a bad mood…

  7. That’s not a biker jacket. At all. A workman jacket maybe.

    I could see someone waiting for the bus wearing this, but not riding any kind of bike – pedal or motorized.

  8. this jacket is fug and fashionably late for a movement that has yet to accomplish much of anything (except vandalizing in the bay area). also is he standing at an angle so we can’t see how crooked the lettering is?

  9. I was going to go all foam-at-the-mouth about how that’s not a biker jacket, but that territory’s been covered. Instead I’m going to suggest Xeni befriend a motorcyclist (aka biker) and learn WHY that’s not a biker jacket. I’m personally fine with textile jackets, they don’t all have to e bitchin’ black leather, but I’m fierce about abrasion resistance, padding and armour and that fashion piece has none of the above.

  10.  you guys need to get off your period, its a cool jacket and i would buy it and wear it to Occupy.  Get off your asses and do something for the movement instead of being jealous etsy nerds pickin away online

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