Airplane converted into Space Shuttle food truck

Shittlecafeee The out-of-this-world Space Shuttle Cafe can be yours for $150,000. It sure would make a far-out food truck. (Sweet old car not included.) From the eBay listing:

This kitchen is built inside the only road worthy DC3 Airplane licensed for street use in the world that we know of, painted in the theme of NASA’S Space Shuttle.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to own not only a great money making business, but a piece of American History also. This aircraft was built in 1944 and flew during World War II. It also flew as an airliner during the 50’s and 60’s and was alleged to have been hijacked to Cuba during that time.

It was converted for street use in 1976, mounted on a GMC Bus frame. We purchased the vehicle in 2001 and converted the empty shell into this completely self-contained commercial kitchen…



  1. Food truck?  Looks more like a diner truck, that thing’s HUGE.
    (OK, I can’t resist – “that’s what she said”)

    Also, flown by a bunch of guys from the “Right Stuff” era, it should sell Beeman’s Gum right at the cash register, even though the flavor on those things lasts for half a minute, tops.

    1. Unlike the TARDIS, it is not bigger on the inside.  My daughter used to go to school with the kid whose parents owned this.  Sad to see they’re selling.

  2. With that “sweet old car” (Or Auburn, as above), I’ll assume these are both escapees from Dirk Pitt’s airplane hanger.

  3. Yeah, well….better hope that a group of rogues don’t mistake this food truck for a bonafide  spacecraft, hi-jack it and accidentally ram it into a grammar-school assembly!

    Of course, I’d like permission to joy-ride the Auburn…

    (pic related, I had a similar Lego carrier as a kid.)

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