Airplane converted into Space Shuttle food truck


12 Responses to “Airplane converted into Space Shuttle food truck”

  1. niktemadur says:

    Food truck?  Looks more like a diner truck, that thing’s HUGE.
    (OK, I can’t resist – “that’s what she said”)

    Also, flown by a bunch of guys from the “Right Stuff” era, it should sell Beeman’s Gum right at the cash register, even though the flavor on those things lasts for half a minute, tops.

  2. Patti says:

    I’m not sure how much of a market there is for a food truck that serves Tang and freeze-dried ice cream.

  3. niktemadur says:

    I got it!  The good folks at the Fawlty Towers Motel should buy it and use it to shuttle their nude clients back and forth in Cocoa Beach.

  4. It’ll never get off the ground.

  5. SedanChair says:

    I thought it was a sidecar for that Auburn

  6. planettom says:

    With that “sweet old car” (Or Auburn, as above), I’ll assume these are both escapees from Dirk Pitt’s airplane hanger.

  7. cdh1971 says:

    Yeah, well….better hope that a group of rogues don’t mistake this food truck for a bonafide  spacecraft, hi-jack it and accidentally ram it into a grammar-school assembly!

    Of course, I’d like permission to joy-ride the Auburn…

    (pic related, I had a similar Lego carrier as a kid.)

  8. Ken Schulz says:

    Considering shuttles have been discontinued, this one is destined to be a priceless classic down the road!

  9. eideal852 says:

    saw this on saturday. just so you know. suburban street fair ftw

  10. pjcamp says:

    That thing totally needs to be parked next to the Wienermobile.

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