Bones of Turkana: Meave and Richard Leakey on human ancestors and the Leakey legacy


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  1. “The Leakey family is like the Kennedys, but for paleoanthropology instead of politics.”

    Is this a hint of an upcoming expose of Leakey scandals comparable to those of the Kennedy clan? 

    • niktemadur says:

      The Leakey Legacy:  A shocking story of nepotism in the African Rift.

      There’s also a subtext there:
      - But daddy, I want a career in aerospace engineering or medical research!
      - Nonsense!  You’ll be a paleoanthropologist like me and my parents before me.  Now I want that australopithecine skeleton spanking clean before the NatGeo crew gets here or there’ll be no supper for you, young lady.

    • zarray says:

      I was going to say: “Like the Kennedys? Full of high profile tragic deaths and a shady past?”

  2. CCinBmore says:

    What a family legacy. This engineer chose one anthropology class to fulfill a non-core requirement in college and was seriously tempted to change course altogether. I Occasionally feel that I may have chosen poorly, particularly given my love of the African continent. Oh, to be required to travel in Africa for work!

    Also, came to say “Oldupai” was misspelled but, knowing MKB is such an exhaustive researcher, I checked first. Turns out everything I’ve apparently ever read, from college anthro textbooks to National Geographic Magazine has been spelling it wrong. According to Wikipedia , who lists their article under the commonly accepted yet incorrect spelling, “Oldupai” is the official name, adopted in 2005.

    Thanks Maggie!

  3. s2redux says:

    Second photo, ca. 1987, is one of the first promo shots of Ushindi, the Insult Comic Kenyan Mountain Hound.

  4. Wonderful interview. 

  5. hassenpfeffer says:

    Maggie, did you ask them what they thought about the series finale of the BSG remake? ;-)

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