Dial M for Murdoch: exhaustive account of the UK tabloids' criminality and the resulting coverup


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  1. BonzoDog1 says:

    I think it’s about time for a re-make of “Citizen Kane.”

  2. Fred Cairns says:

    The Press Complaints Commission (or, as we in the UK call it, the Press Compliant Commission) is worse than “impotent”. For years it has trumpeted its claim to be “the industry policing itself”. Anyone who has dealings with it will testify that it is slow, smug, complacent and self-serving.  The initial stages of the Levinson Inquiry saw an alleged “shake-up” where some sinecures were replaced by other sinecures. There is no apparent change in its behaviour. It still defends the rights of the press over the rights of any individual, and any lies – sorry: “errors of fact” –  perpetrated in an opinion piece are excused as “opinion”.  One observation worth repeating is that the Murdoch press are not the only offenders, although they are the only ones in the firing line at present. Dacre is at fault as well, and Desmond. 

  3. dragonfrog says:

    … Parliament’s IT department (who, presumably, couldn’t be tricked into resetting a voicemail PIN merely by calling up and saying, “It’s Bob in tech support, and I’m on the 0ther line with the Home Secretary and she’s forgotten her PIN, can you reset it for me, mate?”)

    I’d be willing to bet they could.  Not that I have any specific experience with the British Parliament or their IT practices – but I’d bet money they’re within a standard deviation of any large organization’s IT.

    The bigger the wig, the less restrictions the head under it will be willing to put up with, even for security.  Things like password complexity requirements, information copying practices – those are for peons.  An entry-level Silly Walks Clerk may have to change her password every 60 days, and *g#luDeji:Lih may be too weak a password for her (doesn’t contain any numerals, you know), but the IT department will damned well find a way for the Minister of Silly Walks himself to keep his password indefinitely set to ‘muffins’.  And woe betide whoever tries to talk the Minister into putting a screen lock code on  his iPad, seeing as how it contains state secrets, and that one he lost on the weekend makes this his fourth iPad this year…

    So, if the Home Secretary forgot her voicemail PIN, called Bob in tech support (on his home line, at midnight), and told him to get the PIN set to 1234 by the time the Minister was done her bath, it would either get done, or there would be a new head of IT by next week, who would have a proper commitment to customer service, dammit.

    (edit – I really can’t spell…)

  4. Kevin says:

    Given that Tom Watson is such an avid internet presence why oh why is not Dial M for Murdoch not available for Kindle?

  5. chrisasmith says:

    Murdoch’s success has been built upon his understanding and exploitation of human frailty. He corrupted just about everyone and everything he came into contact with. He hijacked sport and blackmailed a sports-mad nation to subscribe to his extortionate satellite TV services. That’s it. 

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